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  1. Thank you! Maybe you can solve the problem, because I do not think sophos will do that! Thanks for this information! I did not know this beta plugin yet! Best Regards
  2. For Example: i Have to COmputers. 1x HP Notebook and 1x HP Desktop Computer. On the Desktop Computer i actually have this problem! From this are also the Logs here,,, And on my HP Notebook i dont have this Problem! On both Computers i run WIndows 10 x64 Pro with all Windows Updates, same MBAM,Sophos and Chrome/Firefox Versions... I have my Notebook rebooted several times, and no errors... all works perfect! Best Regards
  3. Where have you put the files to exception list? Under On-Demand or under ON-Access Scans?
  4. Good Morning! Same here. I have added the MBAM Files to Sophos exclude List, and the error is the same... But i want to uninstall SOphos, becaue MBAM is for me "not a real AntiVirus" replacement. MBAM is for me more against adware and malware and things like that... And WHY it would work on Systems that i also use (only I!) with both Programs and same Browser? Same Versions of Both Programs & Browser.. without any Exceptions? Best Regards
  5. But all of this Computers only i use. And on this Computer (from where are the Logs..) i dont have made oder install anything in the last Weeks... I will try the Exceptions and give you feedback
  6. Hello Again! But Why whould i work on my Notebook and other Computers with the Same Browser.... And on other Computers it wont work?
  7. Hello Ron! i now have installed Sophos again, and all Browser have the same error as before.... For Example Google Chrome will not respond after a few Minutes... What can i do, so that i have Sophos and MBAM What can I do that I can use both programs as before Best Regards Mark
  8. Hello Ron! I now have uninstalled Sophos and rebootet the Computer! Then i have enabled MBAM with all features and rebootet the Computer again! At first glance, it now seems to work ... Should i now install Sophos again? What I do not understand is that there have always been no problems with both programs installed.... Best Regards Mark
  9. Hello! Not a single browser works properly. I've been wrong, I'm sorry.. (bad English Skills...) As Example:Firefox hangs not, but will not Load any Website.... Google Chrome, want also load any Website and after few Minutes the complete Google Chrome Browser hangs up with the Message "No Respond!" I already have used the Clean Up Tool from MBAM to do a clean re install, and i already have done a clean Chrome and Firefox install. (also with deleting Browser Cache and so on..) Best Regards Edit: And i have performed a Another Scan with MB
  10. The Strange is, that one some PCs it will wotk without any Problems! (Also Sophos ENdpoint, Mbam 3.5.1 and Win10 Client) And on other Computers i have this Problem?? Is the no solution? so far this has always worked without problems
  11. I am using Sophos Business Endpoint Security But i also have tryed to disable ist, and only activate MBAM, but no changes... Best Regards
  12. All Websites in Firefox! And Chrome Complety hangs up when i would try to Open any Website after 2-5 min. Now i have disabled MBAM completly and my System Browser works fine!
  13. Here the Log Files... I also have reinstalled Chrome, without any changes. And Firefox does not Freezes, but it is not possible to open Websites when MBAM is active... mbst-grab-results.zip
  14. Hello! I have the following problem: I am using MBAM Premium 3.5.1, and when i open a Website in Google Chrome it freezes and Crashes within Minutes! If i disable MBAM, everything works fine, without troubles!! Sorry for my Bad English, but I hope everyone knows what I mean I already have Downloaded the MBAM Clean 3 Tool, and reinstalled MBAM 3.5.1 After re install the Problem is back again Best Regards Xenon
  15. Hello, After cleaning with the clean tool and reinstalling the latest version the issue exist still... Is there no solution?
  16. no there is only one User on this system and thats mine This user has full admin rights and UAC is disabled
  17. Hello daledoc1, Mbam Clean i have already tried.. BUT i will try i one again tomorrow. I dont want to install an Beta version. i will give you feedback, when i have removed and reinstalled it! thanks!
  18. Hello, Since i have update to Version 2 of Mbam it does not update automatically.... I allways get an Notification with "Your Database is out of date.." BUT when i Click on Update it will update without problems ?!? What i have already tried: Remove the task from the Schedule and add a new one - i also tried to change the update time Remove Mbam and installed it new Remove Mbam with the Clean Tool and installed the latest Version But all of this brings nothing. Have some one an idea what can i do? Thanks in advance!
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