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  1. Ooooooops, Sorry It Seems That It Is "Detected Items" not "Infected" Sorry You're Right. What Was I Thinking When I Wrote This... And I Was So Sure..... Once Again Sorry
  2. Well David, I Just Typed What I Saw on MBAM. It Would Be Better If It Was "Malicious Objects" or something. Thank You For Correcting Me BTW Keylogger? Hmmmm...... You Probably Got Your Passwords Stolen, Am I Right? A Friend Of Mine Had A Keylogger and He Lost Access On His Facebook Acoount, Facebook's Account Recovery (or something like this) Didn't Help. Indeed, But Most of Them Came From Softonic :/
  3. Magnemite, You're lucky, I visited a friend, he had a Windows 7 Home Premium x64 Laptop, Its CPU was an i7 4 cores, 4GB RAM, 1024MB Graphics Card Capacity but It Was SOOOOOO Slow, slower than a pentium 4... I Installed MBAM and it Detected 1215 Infected Files. Just PUPs Nothing Serious
  4. Look At Your Browser's Shortcut Destination Path, Right Click Your Browser's Shortcut, Go To Properties, In I.E. Destination Should Look Like This "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" If There Is a URL Next To The Path Delete It (e.g. "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe http://www.bing.com") -> ("C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe") Hope It Helps
  5. Hmmmm...... Have You Ever Edited explorer.exe in C:\Windows\system32\explorer.exe? In Windows XP A Friend Of Mine Wanted to Edit The Start Button and Make It Instead Of Writing Start, He Wanted His Name On It... He Edited It with Resource Hacker and The Problem You Had Appeared, I Told Him To Replace The Edited Explorer.exe with The Original and Problem Fixed... I'll Let You Know If I Think Of Something
  6. Thank You, for Letting Us Know About Your Problem's Solution
  7. I've Been Away For A While (I Had To Change Internet Provider Company and Took Sometime) Yesterday, I Was Visiting A Friend Of Mine, He Had Reinstalled Windows 7 Because The Previous Installation Was Not Genuine. He Had NO Antivirus Software Since January, I Downoaded and Installed MBAM, Performed A Hyper Scan....and....... It Found 1744 Infected Files! Luckily, all Of Them Were PUPs. He Rebooted And His PC Screen Was Black.... Restarted In Safe Mode, I Did A Scan Once Again (Threat Scan) Found A Couple of PUPs but Now Problem Fixed. Furthermore, Instead of Being Worried About His Computer's Health, We Were Laughing All Time As The Number Of The Infected Files Was Rising
  8. Probably Someone Change Windows' Sounds, Without Letting You Know? Head Over To Personalization and Click On Sounds A Window Will Appear, If Sound Combination Is NOT Windows Default, Then Set It There. If It Is Windows Default, Then It May Be Malware Or A Simple Program That Edits Registry Key Values.... I Cannot Think Of Another Possible Solution
  9. I Like My Skills Too! Haha! I'm Working On A Project Now (PCGAV PC Guard Antivirus (I Know Its Name Sound Pretty Bad)) An Antivirus But Though I Know How To Scan Using MD5 (Even If I Didn't Know How There Are Lots Of Videos Online) I've Thought Of A Piece Of Code That Is Fast And Effective As Well But Not So Effective As MD5. I Tested Version 2 On An Infected PC, It Found 2 PUPs And Deleted Them Successfully Then Scanned With MBAM and Found 3 More (Trojans, Spyware) I've Just Built Version 2.5 With A Built-in Database Update. If You'd Like To Test It Out I'll PM You An Attachment. Its Database Is Still Poor Since I Started Developing It 3-4 Months Ago. To Test It Out, Place A TXT File Named PCGAV Test Malware In C:\PCGAV Test Malware.txt Then Perform A C:\ Drive Full Scan.
  10. Haha Well Then Dim Daledoc1,Firefox As Person If Not Daledoc1 = Malwarebytes.Staff Then msgbox("Its Users Are Awesome Too!") End If If Not Firefox = Malwarebytes.Staff Then msgbox("Its Users Are Awesome Too!") End If It Should Be Something Like This In VB Once Again Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  11. Oh, Well Thanks It's Clear Now, Just a Bug. I Shouldn't Be Afraid MBAM Still Is The Best Anti-Malware Software And Malwarebytes' Staff Are The Best Guys In The World! Daledoc1 You Really Helped Me Out, Not Only Today Firefox, I Appreciate Your Help Your Advice On Other Topics Are Great As Well Thank You
  12. The Topic Where I Should Post My Logs Is Locked So I'll Upload It Here As An AttachmentMBAM Scan Results Log.txt
  13. I Forgot To Uninstall It Yesterday I Turned On My PC Today It Said The Same That Rootkit Driver Is Missing Or Something And I Selected To Scan Without It It Now Scanned As Fast As It Was Installed Today. It Scanned 243224 Files In 18:18 Minutes (With Firefox Running As Well) And Found No Threats One More Question.... It Pops Up A Message Saying That There Is A New Update Available.. I'm Running MBAM Version and Database Version 2014.06.01.04 Is There Actually A Newer Version Or MBAM Is Playing Tricks?
  14. Scanning With MBAM Is A Time Waste Now . 10 Minutes Preparing To Scan... (Previous Times 10 Minutes Were Enough To Find And Quarantine Malware) I Performed a Scan With NOD32.. Nothing Found I'll Proceed Uninstalling And Reinstalling MBAM As You Replied Me Hope It Works Once Again Thank You
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