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  1. Hi... I do not see any cloud based engine in malwarebytes, bcoz i think cloud network can increase responsibility of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and find new threads faster(as like zemana anti malware) The second one is it is better to run custom scan by explorer context menu entery too faster... It is very slow to start scanning. The third one is why after any malware detection, MBAM needs to restart PC ???!!!! sometimes i use MBAM to scan USB flash memory and i don not need too restart! another one : MBAM needs more optimization too decrease lags and speed up windows+ increase battery stability on laptops. The last one : It is better too run the web page to upload samples instead of forum submission or add submission to the main program in quarantine part. Best regards....
  2. Hi.... I done all of those steps but in running and creating diagnostic logs , the logger did not start and I had last issue!!!! The attached file is autorun saved file... In picture U can see my windows update history.... AutoRuns.zip
  3. Hello I have problem to run malwarebytes....Mbm do not start every shield after running Visual studio 2012.... even i restarted the windows but mbm did not run.... (picture one) But there is a question... I do not know visual causes this problem or no??!! plz help me... i reinstalled windows now and I had this problem after 4 april update... Another question why after updating to second version of MBM the system loading take much more time??? Best regards...
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