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  1. Since board update this bug is still showing except error message shows instead. Anyone?
  2. Latest .139 has fixed problem on laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium 64x. There was no problem on other laptop same OS. Had performed a factory reset and rebuild on first laptop a couple of months ago so this may have been the cause. Belarc Advisor caused the Power Shell problem. Thanks and regards from 'Down Under''. ?
  3. Pierre75

    Remove Blacklist

    No joy on either PC both running Windows 7 Home Premium 64x. Maybe other extensions installed are interfering. Will do some investigating when time permits. These last posts should really be under Firefox section.
  4. Pierre75

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    The above site is blocked on Firefox 62.0 64 bit.
  5. FYI re "Winpatrol". https://www.landzdown.com/anti-spyware-software/winpatrol-com-down/ That is the best information available at this time. ? I am still using Winpatrol without any problems.
  6. Thanks @dcollins and @Firefox. Post understood. No more problems and PC today had a clean-up - complete dust removal. No popped capacitors sighted. Regards and thanks.
  7. @Firefox, for your information. mbam.exe is not set in compatibility mode. Thanks for your concern.
  8. @dcollins, I have set Malwarebytes Service as you requested to Automatic (Delayed). I have performed 3 warm restarts and 3 complete shutdowns and so far no problems. @Firefox, I will check the settings as per your suggestion and post result. Thanks to both for your prompt responses. Have a good weekend. ?
  9. Please advise how the above happens. It is so random, so I just quit MBAM down and restart it and all is fine. I does not bother me but there must be a reason. Have attached files as requested. No panic on this as it just runs after that for weeks without problems. mbst-grab-results.zip
  10. Has this been addressed? I have not seen it happen since I posted on June 6, 2018. Thanks in advance.
  11. That has been a bug for a couple of years. It is a PITA as it still shows up and the sub-forum has to be marked as "Read". My 5 cents worth (that is the smallest denomination we have ?). Inflation !!!
  12. Thanks to all especially @dcollins for all the notifications. ?
  13. @exile360, thank you very much for your reply. It was as I suspected as MBAM already contains the full features but are only released when the Premium package is purchased. I have passed this on to others as well. Regards from 'Down Under'.
  14. All I require is an answer. Running MBAM 3.5.1 Premium on desktop - no problems at all. Running MBAM 3.5.1 Free on laptop and had to reinstall MBAE Beta. The new install of MBAM 3.5.1 had wiped MBAE Beta. I am assuming this is normal as an update of MBAM wipes the files of MBAE. I am not worried about it as this is not the first time this has occurred.
  15. Thank you for that link. You would not happen to know one like it for Firefox? May be I am stretching the bonds of friendship here.
  16. Thanks for setting the new theme. I am running "Dark" and it is a lot easier on my aging eyes. Is there any way the colours can be changed? I find that white and orange in small font is very hard to read. Somewhere on the Internet there is a table which shows which colours (background and foreground) are best suited. THX
  17. Go to Settings/Update and untick 'Check for program updates when checking for database updates'. Hope that helps.
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