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  1. @sman, this looks interesting. Takes me back to my teens. 😀 Will do some reading later. T U 4 link.
  2. Glad I have decided against running 0Patch at this stage. 👍
  3. The latest cases of the virus — now named COVID-19 by the World Health Organisation (WHO)
  4. It all sounds good to replace the old gas guzzlers but there such a lot of problems to solve. Lithium batteries will not last forever and if it burns it will take a long time to douse that fire. I saw on the news that it took up to 2 days to kill the fire. Australia has a big distance problem. Where I live up to 20,000 persons are unable to use rail to work as the trains are already packed and more services can not be scheduled. Public transport is running at a peak. So they take to the road to Sydney and surrounding suburbs to work. Round trip is at least 3 hours per day - distance 130km round trip (at least). All in all they are looking at a 12 hour day away from home providing the trip is accident free. I worked in Sydney for 30 years for IBM and traveled by rail - left home at 04:55 and arrived back at 16:45. 👍🤣 No working from home then.
  5. @sman, you are full of surprises this session. Snakes in wine, Rats in wine and now dolphins eating puffer-fish. Are you going to be the human guinea pig? 🤣🤣🤣
  6. Ha! The 'Sedric' probably comes shipped with the 'Corona Virus' and will have be quarantined for 14 days.
  7. Yes, that is the article I was referring to. 👍
  8. Add the driver-less car to this as well. I read where the manufactures will not comment on it. There are 5 stages of automation but in step 5 the driver loses complete control (or so they say).
  9. @exile360, still get a block so it must be due to my location. Can't say I blame them as it is their property. 👍
  10. @exile360, think the problem is that I do not have a subscription to YouTube through Google. I clicked on FRONTLINE and received the message. Make sense???
  11. Not available in Australia - nothing unusual about that. 👎
  12. Yes, at $7.00 AUD per month.👎 I am streaming free (Ad Free) from our local TV stations and my ISP gives me 500gb per month for $59.90.🤣
  13. @sman & @exile360, I will take this all on board and read through the posts. At the moment we are still in a summer which has not been very kind to us so far. Big bush fires and a big drought are still with us. At the moment it is 40C (104F) outside and we have been asked to shed power. More heat tomorrow and Sunday. I will be back on line whenever .... meanwhile check the BOM weather link and Australia is just as big as the US excluding Alaska and Hawaii. http://www.bom.gov.au/
  14. Geo blocked in Australia and possibly anywhere outside the US. 😀
  15. Reverse engineering - not legal as far as I know. We would not be in this boat if IBM had accepted the offer from Bill Gates back before the WWW days. Long story............................................................... I was using the IBM intranet from home in 1984 at the speed of 56kb and was able to work from home at times on a IBM PCJX and was able to connect to IBM sites world wide as long as they gave me access. Still in contact with a few buddies.
  16. May be a long shot but stranger things have happened. 👍 🙏
  17. Thanks @sman & @exile360, all makes sense. Just worked out it would cost me about $AUD 40.00 per year for each PC. Now to work out whether to take any offline but leave them as part of my Home-group. That may not be possible as everything is hard-wired into the modem. Nothing like a challenge.
  18. @exile360, thanks for your reply but @sman put a hole in it. I will check their charges for a PRO licence but will weigh up the cost and see if it is worthwhile. May just buy 1 of Windows 10 laptop - and I mean MAY just to cover just the 8 Family Trees. Thanks for your replies. 👍
  19. Thanks @smanand @exile360. I have passed the first hurdle with IE11. Posted a question on LzD forum and was shown how cripple / remove IE11. Worked like a charm - been using FF for quite a while anyway. So 0patch is now on the back-burner for a while. Will send them an email asking re my laptops. My laptops do not have receive any emails as I did not set up that function on purpose. Thunder in the heavens so another storm is brewing. 😀
  20. @sman, great explanation - thank you. Just one more question: I have 3 PCs all running Windows 7 Home Premium x64 all running off the same router so do I have to register 3 times or just once? If you are unable to answer that I will contact 0Patch direct. U C I am only on a pension and have been since I retired in 1995. Yes, I have not worked since that time - I rely on the government for money. IBM gave me a nice package to make me redundant back then. If you wish to know more I can send you a PM. 😀
  21. If you read the comments attached to this article it states that you must have registered with 0patch (IOW pay up first). It does not seem to be a freebie. I have not read the attached link yet but will later on today. https://www.askwoody.com/2020/worried-about-the-adv200001-jscript-bug-0patch-to-the-rescue/
  22. Keeps them in lolly money 🤣 and probably paid by governments (taxpayers IOW).
  23. Taken west of Sydney suburbs Richmond. Pity the country does not look like this at the moment. We still have the fires burning. 👎
  24. @sman, no go there as it also geo blocked. No problem as my ISP gives me 500gb per month at AUD$59.90. 🤣 DL is 12mbs UL is 1mbs. So no worries. stream to PC and then to 43in. flat screen HD TV. 👍
  25. Just off topic. I am streaming / watching a TV series on SBS (Australia) named 'Valley Of The Boom'. Think it was produced National Geographic in the US as I was unable to view it (Geo Block). Brings back a lot of memories for oldies (me) - Netscape & Microsoft battle in Silicon Valley. 🤣
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