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  1. OMG - but not surprised with all the online media around. There is one? born everyday 🤣
  2. @exile360, it works in Firefox 77.0.1 64x. 😀
  3. Read and digested - @exile360, I fall in the same class. TBO to upgrade. 🤣 But a good article for the younger generation.
  4. @AdvancedSetup, thanks for the reply. I will rest my case. 🤣 💤
  5. Here is an as requested screenshot showing when it occurred. Hope fully this will clarify.
  6. Is this ever going to be fixed as I still receive it? Not complaining but 🤣🤣
  7. This clarifies why Australia has still not started to trace using mobile phones. They announced it and told everyone to download the app but since then a dead silence from the government - 5 million downloaded. IOW They have a problem with privacy! The poor old pensioners (me 🤣) can not afford a smart phone and that was their main target.
  8. Not surprised by these announcements. Maybe they see more dollars in the future.
  9. @exile360, thanks for the Krakatoa & Blizzard of the Century. Something different for me to watch. 👍
  10. @AdvancedSetup, I have another one for you. Taken at Radio City Music Hall in NY. Let me know and I will post the link. Sound is tremendous especially in my home through 9 speakers. 👍
  11. Yes, she is an Aussie but I think she has left the Andre Rieu orchestra. Hope you like his music - I have a few links if you want them.
  12. Take a look at MailWasher developed by Firetrust (a New Zealand company).
  13. "John Krasinski" - That was great!!! @AdvancedSetup, thanks for posting! 😀
  14. Also just showed up on 3 PCs all running Windows 7 Home Premium x64. Seems to be a FP to me.
  15. This would be banned in Australia. 👎
  16. US pressured Dutch chipmaker firm to block sale to China Thanks for the link.
  17. There is also a chipmaker in the Netherlands. They are having problems exporting chips to other countries. I will try and dig it up as watch the Dutch news daily on SBS in Australia. Do I still have full knowledge of the language - YES.
  18. It will be interesting to see how this will end. Darts at 10 paces??????
  19. @sman, interesting! Huawei is in the news here at the moment as the UK have adopted it. They are part of "Five Eyes" and the other partners are not very happy - our politicians were to visit the UK but are now going to the US.
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