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  1. I set my avatar when I joined this forum but since then they have gone a later release of the software that drives the board. I have been unable to change mine since that time.
  2. I believe the number of posts made must exceed 50.
  3. No problem marking it as 'Resolved'. I will let you know if it rears its ugly head again.
  4. I think we can safely say this bug has vanished. No instances have occurred since my last post.
  5. Still no problem found with Chrome. Happy Easter.
  6. Chrome browser working fine here. No hiccups. I will try a few times today.
  7. All my browser show no sign of the problem. 13:29 9 April (Sydney time).
  8. I/E 11 working fine as well. Maybe a glich in the forum board re logging in and out??? I am now confused and will check again tomorrow. Time for bed here zzzzzzzzzz 21:02.
  9. Now running on Firefox. No problem at the moment. Logging off and try I/E 11.
  10. Now running forum on Chrome - no problem. I will log off and try Firefox again.
  11. I just tried running the forum on Chrome and there is no problem. Firefox is 52.0.2 (64-bit). Chrome is 57.0.2987.133 (64-bit). OS is Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. Firefox is not the cause as it was working with this forum without a problem on 7 April at 17:00 (Sydney date and time).
  12. Same here in Australia. Time 08:24 EST - my time.
  13. End of V2 support is 6 June 2017. I am running V2 as long as possible till bugs are fixed in V3.
  14. Here you are: https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mbam_2x
  15. Read this. http://www.askwoody.com/page/2/