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  1. Dark Mode theme please?

    Thank you for that link. You would not happen to know one like it for Firefox? May be I am stretching the bonds of friendship here.
  2. Dark Mode theme please?

    Thanks for setting the new theme. I am running "Dark" and it is a lot easier on my aging eyes. Is there any way the colours can be changed? I find that white and orange in small font is very hard to read. Somewhere on the Internet there is a table which shows which colours (background and foreground) are best suited. THX
  3. Malwarebytes pop-up

    Go to Settings/Update and untick 'Check for program updates when checking for database updates'. Hope that helps.
  4. Malwarebytes Lifetime on eBay

    My advice - stay clear. Possibly hacked versions. Await an answer from one of the experts though.
  5. [RESOLVED] Font sizes

    @AlexSmith, I think you can close this off. I set my cursor to the height the forum uses on capital letters and it matched perfectly. This is after 2 days checking posts at random. Regards, Peter from the land 'Down Under'.
  6. [RESOLVED] Font sizes

    I really only found one today but the font must have been set by the user. I notice the default is 8 but can go as high as 14 for screaming. I have attached the screen shot for you perusal.
  7. Since update to new IPS board noticed that font sizes vary whereas before they were same in all posts. Maybe I need new glasses but???? Thanks.
  8. Date format

    Blame Microsoft for that. They started it when they wrote their first OS a long time ago.
  9. [RESOLVED] Updating Avatar

    I set my avatar when I joined this forum but since then they have gone a later release of the software that drives the board. I have been unable to change mine since that time.
  10. [RESOLVED] Updating Avatar

    I believe the number of posts made must exceed 50.
  11. No problem marking it as 'Resolved'. I will let you know if it rears its ugly head again.
  12. I think we can safely say this bug has vanished. No instances have occurred since my last post.
  13. Still no problem found with Chrome. Happy Easter.
  14. Chrome browser working fine here. No hiccups. I will try a few times today.
  15. All my browser show no sign of the problem. 13:29 9 April (Sydney time).