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  1. Persons also may want to install F.B. Purity - Clean Up and Customize Facebook. https://www.fbpurity.com/
  2. Firefox extensions just came back up. Seem to be running OK. Time stamp 21:48 4 May 2019 in Sydney, Australia. 😀
  3. Seems like one of their certificates expired. That is what I am reading on other sites. 😒
  4. Updated 3 PCs with MSE 1.289.1599.0 and problem has gone. Thanks to all for clarification and help. 😊😊
  5. For what it is worth. Hope it is of some help for you. My main PC MBAM Premium was affected but now running fine - also it did not affect my other 2 PCs running MBAM Free. Attached is from main PC. All run Windows 7 Premium Home 64x with MSE only. mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. Problem is not MWB! It is MSE. Please refer to link. https://www.askwoody.com/ Hope this helps. 😊
  7. Had the same problem. Ran last stable version over the top and it fixed the problem.😊
  8. Performed cookie clearance and restarted PC. No problem so far but will keep monitoring it. 🙂
  9. @AdvancedSetup, I wish I could but there is nothing showing up today. It was the usual op where a post had been moved to another section in the forum. From memory after there were no more post to view it repeated "Next Post" and clicking on it showed "Nothing to show - error. Please report" or something to that effect. I killed by usual method "All Posts Read". Have attached image of file. Will take an image of message next time it happens.
  10. Since board update this bug is still showing except error message shows instead. Anyone?
  11. Latest .139 has fixed problem on laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium 64x. There was no problem on other laptop same OS. Had performed a factory reset and rebuild on first laptop a couple of months ago so this may have been the cause. Belarc Advisor caused the Power Shell problem. Thanks and regards from 'Down Under''. ?
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