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  1. Okay, since you checked the database and since the IPs are not logged in the Daily Protection Log of the client, I assume there must be another compatibility issue with the vodafone client and Malwarebyte's protection application. However, I can stick with the solution to add said IPs to the exclusion list. Thank you for the quick reply.
  2. Strange, I definitely have to add them to my Web Exclusions List in Malwarebytes. As soon as I remove them from there, I can't access any website. This happens since I updated from the former pro version to the current built.
  3. Hello there, These are two IPs of the DNS-Server of Vodafone.de and required to connect via UMTS to their Network: At the moment both IPs are blocked by Malwarebytes v2.0.1.1004 and therefore it is not possible to connect to the internet using an UMTS-Stick at all. I'd kindly request to remove the ip-block of those two server. Thanks in advance and best regards, cerberos
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