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  1. It looks like you have a good amount of bad software in there. I would boot the computer into safe mode (restart pc and keep pressing f8 key until you see the option) and run MBAM. Also maybe Adwcleaner. You might need a rootkit remover as well. You can get these tools at bleepingcomputer.com. It is a great hive of pc troubleshooters and tools to use. I am new to this sort of thing aswell so I would get more feedback( from the people here) than just mine before going wild on the pc and running programs. Best of luck.
  2. Upon further inspection I noteced multiple liscenses were being used for the same device. I have a server with 2 ip's, one facing the DMZ and the other for the LAN. The LAN spiceworks client is green while the DMZ is red. My questions are: 1. Why does MBAM use more than one liscense on a client 2. Why does it regester clients with more than one ip as a duplicate? Thanks
  3. I aswell just realised I have multiple clients with 2 entries under the client tab. Most of them are laptops. One is online and the duplicate is off. The duplicate shows blank in the the managed client versions field. It is strange because they have different ip addresses and the physical address is different aswell. Posible old dns information?
  4. Hello, I was wondering if any other forum users have tips and or tricks for keeping thier WSUS server clean and getting those update windows to display 100%? For some reason information on this task is tough to find. Sometimes it seams like it is extreamly technicle or far too generic, so I decided to see what others recommend. Thanks!
  5. The install via USB worked great. I will use that for the other pcs with that error.
  6. It turns out there was a good chunck of PUP's on there (Webcake3.0). The Windows Update is not working properly so I will swap that machine out (all ready pushed MBAM to it) and bring the old one back here to test.
  7. Hello, We have MEE installed on our server (just updated to and I am pushing out client version One of computers continues to get an execution result saying "Generic Failure". I have looked around the web and forums but have not had much luck finding a fix. Any suggestions? Thanks
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