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    Dropbox port 17500

    Hello Ron, I used the mb-clean utility, reinstalled after reboot, re-applied my custom scan settings, ran an update (it found one even after the fresh install through the utility), then ran a scan which found no threats. I didn't really look to see if the issue was still happening before running the cleaning tool, but 10-15 minutes later after the reinstall I haven't seen it once. Not sure if it was due to the clean reinstall or the update package version changing. The two other versions are the same but Update package version is now: 1.0.3928 Either way, glad it's not happening anymore. Thank you.
  2. My MBAM Premium v3.3.1 started getting alerts for this just a few hours ago. They occur about 1-5 times a minute and are exactly like the ones in this now-closed thread: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/215496-dropbox-255255255255-port-17500/ I've manually checked for DB updates but there are none according to the program. Malwarebytes version: Component package version: 1.0.262 Update package version: 1.0.3927
  3. hvymetal86

    RAM usage - what is going on?

    Glad I only had 4 personal machines to disable it on. I have the lifetime licenses and this is also the first time I've ever really had issues with it in v2 or v3. It did take me a while to update to v3 though (maybe 3-6 month delay) because I didn't realize it had one figuring auto-update would have taken care of any newer versions. I totally understand those who work in IT and run large organizations about dealing with this and the headache. I would have hated to handle it for our customers if we ran the premium version on all their machines. At the same time, as an IT pro I'm laughing at the few "IT pros" who said it took them a few hours to "figure out the cause." It took me 30 seconds to diagnose it (MBAM Service, memory leak) by just glancing in task manager. Knowing the temporary solution was instant too: Disable the service in services.msc, then kill the process. If a machine had locked up (2/4), just reboot then do these steps right away. Whoever posted the script has the right idea for large environments. But seriously, if it took you longer than that to figure it out, you're not very good at IT. Even if it happened in our client environment our RMM tool would have sent out tons of memory alerts including the top 5 processes using it. Instant diagnosis there too. Having more memory does help diagnosis in person. Figured it out on my gaming rig first that has 32GB of RAM which took a while before it started to crap out. Was able to reboot and disable/kill before it filled up though even on my son's rig that only has 6GB of RAM. It is somewhat a race against time, but if you have less than 4GB of RAM you don't know how to Computer in the first place.

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