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  1. I noticed that Malwarebytes is now apparently blocking all j.mp links from Twitter. Several accounts I follow have j.mp links and they're all being blocked. I understand blocking some suspicious, reported j.mp links. But all of them seems very excessive. Visit this address for an example link: https://twitter.com/GOGcom/status/644496264722313216
  2. Malwarebytes has been blocking this site for a few days. Several people use their gamercard signature services for forum signatures and Malwarebytes keeps freaking out whenever they appear. I've asked some site users and they say that there's no problems there... someone mentioned reporting the false positive to you guys, but since there's no forum thread I figured I'd make one. Could someone please check into this? Thank you.
  3. Oh, guess there's no edit function, eh? This also has a side effect - it makes the CPU go into overload when I try to run Pidgin. Something about that program just doesn't get along with Malwarebytes.
  4. I've been using Malwarebytes for a bit. It works great. I recently reinstalled Windows 7 64-bit, installed Malwarebytes again, everything was fine. Last night I was tinkering with the program when I saw the "Enable self-protection module" option in the uh, options. So I turned it on... and for some reason, that blocked Pidgin (the open source IM program) from launching. It made Pidgin freeze in memory and it can't be shut down via the task manager or with taskkill, the only way to get it to shut off is logging off the computer or by restarting. I couldn't even reinstall the software, Malware
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