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  1. I have Cryptoprevent 8.034 Free. I wanted to complement it with a behavior-based Anti-Ransomware so I tried to install Ransomfree...they seem more current and focused on the WannaCrypt. Unfortunately, their installer is .msi and I got, "system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation" Tried removeing the cryptoprevent protections restarting with protections disabled and stopping MB anti-exploit. RansomFree .msi stiill kicked up the "..prevent this installation" message. So I installed the MalwareBytes anti-ransomeware. No problems installing...no error messages. Then I re
  2. I'm having 'mb has stopped' problem on lg phone android 7 & tablet android 6. Starts OK 2nd try on each. Also mbam reports the phone as rooted. It is not per CPU z. I never Roger it. I have started using AVG but will keep mbam as a backup on demand scanner.
  3. Java installed "New Tab by Yahoo" to Firefox when I was not paying sufficient attention during update...My bad. Getting rid of it was a royal pain. Sure would have been nice if MBAE had kicked up an, "Are you sure?" window. Left the following instruction on my review of this add-on to help others get rid of it without the trial and error I went through. "HOW TO REMOVE THIS MALWARE In Win7 Goto C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\browser\extensions\*gibberish*@jetpack.xpi delete the @jetpack.xpi you find" Perhaps there's something there that might help in writing an, "Are you sure?" block i
  4. Uploaded this file on Virustotal 7/55 antimalware engines flagged it. https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/fb6b1171776554a808c62f4045f5167603f70bf7611de64311ece0624b365397/analysis/1446680568/ I cleaned it from several PC's ...One PC where I'd installed and used it to get rid of some locked files...MBA-M didn't find any problem..only the program/installer bundle was flagged pre-installation. I looked at all the places where the delta search toolbar installs and found no evidence of it. Maybe MB anti-exploit blocked the install. Anyway, I went ahead and uninstalled unlocker because I just don't t
  5. MBA-M Staff...the Uninstall Reinstall without trial advice worked great!! Thanks. Might not be a bad idea to offer a button to stop those pop-ups...not likely to encourage users sign on for the paid version, methinks. After the reinstall I ran MBA-M and it flagged 'unlocker' a program widely used to unlock locked files and USB drives. Avast & SuperAntispyware missed it, but virustotal showed the file had Delta toolbar in the installer. I've since cleaned it from several PC's Thanks again
  6. I just don't want to waste the valuable time of experts on this thread...diagnostic deep dives have not fixed other problems on other PC's so I'm reluctant to engage in another when it's really not necessary...due to multiple anti-malware programs. By quick fix, I was referring to a change in preferences/settings that might stop the MBAM screen pop-ups.
  7. Thanks, but I was looking for a quick fix, not a deep dive into the diagnostic quagmire...Since I'm using MBAM as a secondary scanner along with several other anti-malware measures, I uninstalled it. I'll try MBAM again in a later version. Thanks for replying
  8. Set up a Win7 PC with MBAM free. Several times a day, I look over a there's a large MBAM window in the middle of the screen. Doesn't happen with other PC's with MBAM installed. How do I stop this annoyance short of uninstalling MBAM? Thanks for your insight.
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