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  1. Thanks for the reply. I don't think that I should have to set my computer's power management policy to conform to MBAM's scheduler! If MBAM is supposed to run on a schedule, then it should a) WAKE my computer, if necessary to run the scan that I scheduled, b) finish the scan that I scheduled before returning my computer to its sleep/wake preference. MBAM can acknowledge that the computer requests a change of state from wake to sleep. It either does not do so, or does know how to deny the request for a change of state. What I think you are saying is: "MBAM will run scans only if the computer is awake and stays awake for the duration of the scan...plan your computer's sleep/hibernation schedule at your own risk." Is the tail wagging the dog?
  2. I am a Premium user of MBAM 2. I have been using MBAM for quite a while, but I STILL cannot understand the Scheduler. Here is what I think I know about scheduled scans and updates: Scans/updates start at random times, not at times that a user schedules.Scans/updates stop whenever the computer enters sleep or hibernation.Scans/updates do not start if the computer is in a sleep or hibernation state.There is no way (in MBAM 2.0) to use the Windows Task scheduler to run scheduled MBAM tasks. Put these items together and we have a perfect storm...scans do not get run on many computers with aggressive energy policies. I would heartily recommend that MBAM abandon the scheduler that it has developed and use the Window Task Scheduler which a) runs at the EXACT user selected times, b) can wake a computer to run a scheduled task, and c) can keep the computer awake until the task is complete. My experience about MBAM scheduler is not good. It is not reliable. The benefits of the MBAM Premium license are auto-scanning and auto-updating. It does neither well.
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