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  1. In the next few days I'll be giving my PC a small overhaul - the core components are staying the same (CPU, Mobo, RAM, GPU), but I'm getting a new case, PSU, and replacing my current HDD with a new SSD and another new HDD. I'll be reinstalling Win 10 and Malwarebytes as well of course! (I don't know what I'd do without MBAM!) My question is with regards to my license. I have the lifetime subscription to MBAM Premium (Used to be called Pro I think), which is only valid for a single PC. Am I ok to reinstall MBAM since this is essentially the same PC? Furthermore, if I were to get a completely new system, would I still be fine to install MBAM since I'm only using it on 1 PC at a time? Thanks for your help, - Matt
  2. Don't know why this is the case, but MBAM and Norton always appear in the icon taskbar (bottom right) before most other programs during the boot, but whenever I have to update MBAM, for the first few boots it never appears (mbamservice and mbamscheduler are both in task manager) and I have to open it manually so that it appears. This happened before I did a clean install a while back. Furthermore, is there a way to disable update notifications. MBAM is most certainly not the most important thing in my life even if it is great, and I do not want to have to repeatedly click "Later" on the update notification while I'm writing a very important report. The update notification appeared yet again when I was typing and I managed to click enter and start the setup which I cancelled because I was busy. This stopped MBAM and meant I just restarted my computer and then installed the MBAM update, restarting my PC again after. Like I said, I absolutely love MBAM, but I most certainly have much more important things to do than updating it, and I do not want it to continually pester me.
  3. That's the error I get when I try to get on some forums that I'm a regular at. It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does happen, it's across all devices on my network. I've also noticed that a few website don't work when this happens. This is my home network, so there aren't any weird restrictions and I haven't installed any SQL suites or whatever, if they exist. I don't really want to phone up my ISP without getting some extra info as to what the problem could be, as these people on the other end of the phone don't know how to use common sense since there isn't a chapter on that in their script. Thanks for any help, Kind Regards, - Matt
  4. Also, I'd rather not attach the file to this post as I do not want to restore the file from quarantine until I know that it is safe to do so.
  5. Here's another possible FP that popped up around 10 minutes ago for my MBAM. I was browsing imgur and gfycat prior, closed Chrome, and upon reopening I got this Backdoor.Bot warning. I have blocked out the bookmark for my University's website for obvious anti-tracking reasons You don't know when someone will crawl the internet for my information! http://i.imgur.com/GoAwj2a.png Detection, 06/01/2015 17:13:45, SYSTEM, MATT-PC, Protection, Malware Protection, File, Backdoor.Bot, C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\39.0.2171.95\nacl64.exe, QuarantineI've removed the ID because I'm unsure as to whether you should post that, but I'll happy give it to any staff who request it.
  6. Hey everyone, My MBAM just gave me a notification saying it needed to be updated (Image: http://i.imgur.com/OGSIrxi.png).I haven't got one of these notifications in a while (last time I did my MBAM screwed up a bit, with the whole website protection being disabled issues), and I just checked the MBAM News to find that there is has been no update today that isn't a standard database update. Any ideas?
  7. Updating the database solved the issues, but I still get nervous about these things and strange behavior like this. Didn't expect this from Mbam.
  8. About 10 minutes ago I started having issues. My website protection is off and scans keep failing. Wasn't this tested beforehand or something? Do I have to do a clean install?
  9. All I had to do was temporarily disable the self-protection module. I'm an idiot.
  10. I only created the shortcut so that I could cut and paste it into a program shortcuts folder; I did not expect all this hassle.
  11. Everytime I try and delete the Mbam desktop shortcut, it says I need permission from Administrators to delete the file, despite myself being an administrator (and the original one). Why on Earth is this happening?
  12. So until 2 days ago, everything ran normally, however yesterday and today Mbam doesn't appear in the taskbar when I boot up, or at least it can take a long time. Whenever I check the processes, the 3 mbam services (mbam, mbamscheduler and mbamservice) are there and running, however Mbam isn't in the taskbar. It could be a coincidence, but 2 days ago, before shutting down my PC, the theme changed without notice or warning to Windows Basic, and only changed back once I clicked shut down. Any ideas as to what's causing this issue? Just for clarification, I haven't installed anything in the past 3 days, and Mbam works fine once I've launched the actual program (despite it already running in the processes). I use Norton 360 as my anti-virus, and both Mbam and N360 have been running very happily together for the past half a year. Thanks for your help, Regards, - Matt
  13. Ok thanks a bunch for that, and thanks to everyone else who has helped Regards, - Matt
  14. Ok, so last question (I think): I've been trawling through forums recently and I noticed this update for Norton 360 quite a while back after viewing this comment on a post from last year. Does this mean I no longer have to exclude MBAM from Norton? I'd like to point out that there have been no conflicts thus far, but then again, I haven't turned the RT module on yet. Thanks for the help!
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