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  1. Thanks Borislav but I managed to fix my issue on my own I scanned with mbam.exe and mbar.exe and was confused as nothing came up. I then used adwcleaner and pandascan to search for anything but nothing came up. I tried tdsskiller but nothing again that would cause my GPU to go crazy. Turns out the newest drivers 14.4 and 14.1 would make my gpu go crazy for no reason, and I had reinstalled the drivers 4 times. So I went to 13.4 and no issue. Thanks anyways but there is no need now
  2. Hi, Using Catalyst Control Center, and MSI Afterburner it has come to my attention that while idleing, my GPU usage is maxed out a 99%, but is done so in such a way that the card is not overheating which would increase the fan speed and make the issue more noticeable. I concluded that this was a mining malware using my card for hashing, most likely either for litecoin or bitcoin. I ran a full scan with Malwarebytes anti malware Pro and mbar.exe but I found nothing. Any help is greatly appreciated. This will be my first time requesting malware removal assisstance. Ellis
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