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  1. Hello and thanks for a wonderful product. I was reminded via Email that my MalwareBytes Anti-Exploit Premium license was soon to expire. SO, I went to your (Cleverbridge) store and purchased a 4-pack of MBAE licenses. I cannot, however, find a way to apply the new licenses. As you can see from the attached screenshot, it is activated (current key obscured for posting) but there is NO Activate button. I want to do the right thing (well, I guess I did by purchasing the new licenses) and apply them but don't know how. With all the problems people seem to have doing so, I am loathe to uninstal
  2. First, let me say that I could NOT live on a computer without Malwarebytes Premium and want to congratulate you on a FINE product. That being said, I wish to report an issue with the latest version of AI Roboform. I know that your "Known Issues & Conflicts" page states that "Roboform for Firefox under Windows XP may stop working with MBAE installed". I'm sorry to report that the problem is much more serious than that. If the Taskbar Icon for Roboform Everywhere Version is loaded, attempts to use the Malwarebytes user interface or perform a scan WILL result in MWB abnormally endin
  3. 48 hours debugging :(

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