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  1. the closing and re opening the program didnt work so i did a fresh install and not a problem since so if your having that issue try a fresh install and then it should work fine for you like it did for me and many others..
  2. installed on both laptops with separate licenses and no issues so far which is a good thing...thanks for the updated/upgraded version as it is perfect for me so far after updating pc's earlier in the day and look foward to 2.1 release next year...
  3. i got the most recent news letter and had nothing to do with aprils newsletter..
  4. i found some that have antennas that are plug in and connect to wifi and that are dual band but i will see what else i can find out
  5. how do i tell if a range extender is gonna be good enough to put in my shed that has oulets to have strong wifi out back and or in another room to have strong enough wifi in my front yard and side of my house so i don't use up alot of data because any that i see on different sites have mixed reviews..thanks for any help
  6. they keep releasing bad updates without testing them in some way before they release them but i haven't had any issues with those bad updates *knocks on wood* so hope they get them fixed for the people having issues with them
  7. i messed up the typing on the header..my mistake but i deleted the program after i saw the 8 detections on virustotal and would like to see if the program is a danger or not..thanks
  8. heres the file in a zip that was detected as a false positive pup... pdf printer setup.zip
  9. i did a scan and it pulled up as a "pup" but it is software i had to install to do stuff with my printer..please look into this false positive..thank you false positive.txt
  10. great thanks..just didn't wanna get infected
  11. so keep letting it block it so i don't get infected while downloading starcraft 2 game??
  12. im trying to download starcraft 2 and i keep getting these blocks with the same ip but different outbound ports..can you tell me if these are false positives? thanks
  13. Glad you can..why does free mbae not protect more then 1 program like it says on your website
  14. Glad i do the updates every month & had to do a factory reset & install every microsoft update from scratch & took 6+ hours for 160+ updates to be downloaded/installed on a 10 Mbps download by 1 Mbps upload at my friends house but woulda been faster if i had my 60Mbps download & 5 Mbps upload..
  15. same here..surprised no ones made videos on it and they dont have more on google about it...
  16. is your router on this list and if so let me know which one it is and i will see if i can find it online or on hitrons site
  17. but if you turn it off then your cable company might not be able to access your modem if you ever needed help but they only can go into it with your permission to help you fix something with the router but not 100% sure as ive never tried it with my old motorola docsis 3.0 gateway modem from my cable company
  18. it won't matter if you change the password cause it will change by default to a new password each day unless your cable company doesnt do that for security purposes like mine did before i got rid of their gateway and got a straight docsis 3.0 motorola modem and used my own belkin ac 1800 db router
  19. to get into the cable companys modem he has to have the actual password you have to get into it or he will not be able to access it at all...
  20. is it your own wifi/router or the cable companys because ive had that issue with the cable companys gateways password changing on me and etc after changing stuff inside of it
  21. what router do you have cause i use "belkin" ac 1800 db
  22. i can only suggest changing your wifi network name to something different and changing your password to something with more then 2 #'s and see if he gets on it and if he does then hes finding a way to get your password or using a wifi hack software( if there is some out there to use) and/or hacking your password or hes using some program to find it out..check your routers logs to see what they say cause i do when someone tries to get into my network without permission
  23. Im watching world war z on one of the epix hd channels
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