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  1. I would say anywhere with the main-url being java.com.
  2. 8.5 is the version I have on the PC at the moment.
  3. Well, I doubt it's anything with malware. Is there a way I can manually delete the files associated with MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware?
  4. MBAM is not in real-time protection, I know it's anti-malware program. Thanks. Great to be back!
  5. I read through the pages, didn't' find a fix to my problem. My anti-virus is MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware and AVG (AVG has exclusions from MBAM.)
  6. Hi, tried running mbam-clean.exe, like you said; only to get the following error (SHGetValue failed with error code 0), ran again; got the same error.
  7. Thanks yardbird, I'll get right on this as soon as I get back on my work-notebook.
  8. Hey guys, nice to be back for once- I haven't updated MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware in a long time, so I decided thats the first thing I would do. The download for the update ran fine, once it started installing the update, I got a mysterious update error (Error code : 702 (0, 453)) right after detecting a false positive for a rouge remover that I had made. Tried again, get the same error. Thanks in advance -Noah
  9. MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware DOES have the option to change languages of that is what you are asking.
  10. Remember, most sites like this ARE malicious in some kind of shape and form!
  11. Something you might wanna see... Under "Clickstream" http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/991881.com Anyone see something wrong with the "affiliate" sites there? Also, on front page. "0.6% to t.991881.com" I can't see why it's there. For all I can tell, it's a malicious site, but not up to me. One more edit, contact information seems fake. china, gd 525100, gd 79817457 [at] qq.com Again, another numeric domain? OK, last one seriously, I was looking at some of the sites it links to, and found that most of 'em end with .ru or .cn or .cn, again all one letter and all numbers.
  12. For one, that's extremely rude, and uncalled for. Second, hes asking if anybody has had the rouge System Security. Nah, rouges don't hit me for some reason. (Well, on accident wise.)
  13. Ah, what would we do without Rubber Ducky's great program? (Not going for brownie points.)
  14. I think hes referring to that the update installer looks like it's re-installing MalwareBytes.
  15. When downloading new versions of Java, old ones still have security holes that exist, so YES, remove the old version(s).
  16. Nevermind, it's pointless.
  17. Grrr! [somebody says "The Broken Pencil Joke who?"
  18. Did you ever hear the joke about the broken pencil?
  19. Awww. But that's not the joke [continue the joke.]
  20. Knock, Knock. [You say who's there?]
  21. Noah

    Avira Antivir

    I'll try to get a picture of Jinx for you!
  22. Noah

    Avira Antivir

    I see you got a new picture! Is this the same cat?
  23. Ah, this one is good! I might use this.
  24. Noah

    Avira Antivir

    I use AVG and MBAM
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