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  1. Already answered before you write it: " But it's like pay 6 tyres for one car when I only need 4 rolling and one spare. I want to pay for what I Do need. "
  2. On behalf of ranita_moreno. Enough of this for me and I will not waist more time with this. Malwarebytes can keep their products and we'll keep our money. It's not because of two euros per year but a matter of Honesty and be Professional. I prefer to give it to an homeless. Times 10. There are other solutions in the market. Over and out. J. Howell
  3. It' is Not a a serious sales strategy, that I can tell you. According to my experience and practice for 30 years. For this kind of hardsale enough have Bill Gates and the the Microsoft "solutions".
  4. On behalf of my wife, I answer. If THAT'S THE WAY and I do not agree with it at all, based in 30 years in top management in multinational companies, maybe we will choose another software. Poor Marketing & Sales Management from Malwarebytes makes feel worried about more of that. J. Howell P.S. - I asked to our dogs but none of them are interested in the un useful licence.
  5. This is my question and I am still waiting for a proper answer from Support. We are a couple, my husband has one laptop and I have my own. No children and no business use. Just Private one. Why must I pay a licence for 3 computers and only use it in two? What do I do with the remaining one? Why pay it every year for 3 and only use it for 2? Somewhere in Malwarebytes web I saw the price for 2 computers (cannot find anymore were) and there's a difference of Two Euros. Per year. Peanuts? Maybe. But it's like pay 6 tyres for one car when I only need 4 rolling and one spare. I want to pay for what I Do need. My husband spent the last 30 years of his life running multinational companies from 3 continents - one american and the other japanese from Office Automation - and he also doesn't understand the "logic" of this commercial strategy.
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