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  1. I've never seen MBAM using so much memory. A constant memory use of 259mb doesn't look normal to me. I've excluded these files and locations, but nothing changed.
  2. Since I formatted my PC and reinstalled malwarebytes, I noticed the MBAMService.exe is using around 240.00K memory. I found some really old posts (2016 and 2012) about this issue, but nothing really solving it. How do I solve this issue and lower the memory usage? Thank you
  3. There's a new virus out there and I got caught, gladly MalwareBytes alerted me on time. Unfortunately the file is on my machine, it's called "Chrome font.exe" and not even FileASSASSIN was able to delete it. How can I delete it? Also, although MalwareBytes alerted me of this malware, as soon as my PC restarted, the first page that showed up on Chrome was from Spora Randomware saying that all my files are now encrypted and I would need to follow a certain procedure to revert this process, but I see no different whatsoever on my files, I can open them, edit and delete them with no problems.
  4. Hi! I have Malwarebytes installed on my notebook and it always worked fine, no problems, but everytime I try installing Malwarebytes on another computer I have here at home, when I restart it, it get's stuck on the Windows welcome screen and I have to uninstall it to be able to use my other computer. I already make a clean install on that computer, formated and still can't install Malwarebytes. Does anybody knows how can I solve this issue? Thank you
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