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  1. Thanks guys. I think by uninstalling MBAE and MWB, and putting MBAE back there doesnt seem to be a problem. It seems to lie somewhere else, but is not consistent.
  2. This is now also happening with v 1.4, I spoke too soon. I am going to disable the startup with windows, and start it up from the programme folder when booted up.
  3. Thanks Pedro, will continue with 1.4 for now, and will report any other glitches. Thanks again for the quick response.
  4. OK the versions that failed (showed the reported issue) were and The one that works correctly I am currently using is
  5. No I am not using any third party applications to control boot up. I had the same problem with the released version of 1.5 as well as the experimental version of 1.5, and 1.4 seems to work ok.
  6. Thanks for the quick response. On overwriting experimental with MBAE 1.04, same issue occurred on first reboot from cold (i.e. computer completely switched off rather than restart option). On subsequent restarts and a couple of cold reboots the issue has gone - everything as normal. I will continue with 1.04 and monitor it. This may also be the reason why I didn't see this when originally trying MBAE. At some stage I would like to use the latest program, does this give a clue as to the cause? In development had you thought of having a check box for dont start with windows or doing the delay f
  7. When I boot up the only programmes I allow into my start up tray are latest versions of Zone Alarm Free firewall, AVG AV Paid, and Malwarebytes Premium. I am now trying to use Premium AE. I get the following problem both with using MBAE AND . I have also set a delayed start to MWB (various tried). I also run Rapport for my internet banking recommended protection. (disabled when installing MBAE). Without MBAE all of the other programmes work together fine and there are no problems. On initial boot, the volume control icon shows audio not working (but it is) its just th
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