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  1. Best fix for now is turning off the autostart with os option and then reboot, the process kept restarting after being terminated. Crashed twice because of this b.s
  2. it happened again but i found the issue after some googling, it's the hosts file. as long as i replace my hosts file with an unmodified one when i need to update there's no problems. just a bit annoying to have to switch hosts file every time i have to update, so i really hope the devs fix this issue soon
  3. using the clean tool and reinstalling did the job, thnx a lot
  4. like i said, my malwarebytes is up to date, i'm on 1.0.1570 guess i'll have to wait to see what support says then
  5. hey, my malwarebytes says it's out of date but when i click check for updates it seems to check, which literally takes 2 seconds, then goes right back to 'out of date' i've googled this a bit and searched your forums but none of the solutions i found there worked for me. my time and date is set correctly, i've rebooted my system several times, i've tried both mbma-rules files, tried disabling firewall but i'm not getting any notification about not being able to connect so i'm pretty sure that's not the issue. my malwarebytes version is up to date. any help is appreciated, thnx
  6. hey, been away over the weekend so sorry about the delayed answer. i actually think i found the problem, the part in your message about torrent made me take a look since my younger brothers been using my computer a bit and i had a torrent client running in the background seeding some of his old movies. since i turned it off i haven't had any more issues. it has been up to a month between the attacks before so i really hope this was the problem all along. i thought i'd just hold off and if i get anything new i'll just post here in this thread again, would that be ok? thnx
  7. so the previous one stopped and now i started getting a new one, this is ridiculous.
  8. so i've had this problem for a while, all of a sudden when watching a movie or gaming i start getting these notifications for blocked inbound connections from svchost and among them there's usually a few outbound too. they go on for quite some time too, the one i'm getting right now have been going on for over half an hour now and i'm getting 44 blocked connections per minute according to the logs. the weird part is that they seem to come from nowhere and there's sometimes several days between the attacks, even up to a month at times. here's some screenshots of my latest attacks from
  9. i have the same issue, if i use firefox's solution will this interfere with the downloads or download speed? i'm not sure but would it work like this?-> on downloads with only one or a few uploaders it would interfere if the only uploader is blocked but on downloads with a lot of uploaders a few blocked ip's dont make any difference. there should be an exclusion option for different apps. that way you could add utorrent.exe and be safe and still not block any connections in utorrent, but if that option was available or if i turn it off like exile360 and noknojon said, would i still be safe?
  10. oh i forgot to ask if i'm in any danger if i add kickass to the exclude list? is the only malicious content torrents or is it the website itself? sorry for posting twice but it doesn't seem to be possible to edit existing posts.
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