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  1. Ad Jdownloader say at their forum, replying to a thread I made after read one at Malwarebytes: Clean installer is false positive detected because 1.) it shares same code-sign certificate as the adware bundle installer 2.) it's created with same tool (nsis) 3.) uses same technique to download the actual adware free installer ->That you can see on the descriptions as "Downloader or Optional and Appwork" Both installer are clean. You can also use the adware installer and just skip/decline the additional offers https://board.jdownloader.org/showthread.php?t=81605
  2. Also at countries with low income economy like Argentina Or laptops than vendors sell with 64 bit Windows and only 2 GB RAM (at those cases we use to download/install a pirate 32 bit version)
  3. there is another way to download the extension?
  4. Depends if block is due extension or the program But also I join here to ask, why at Browser Guard there is a forum for Chrome and other for Firefox? Both use same database
  5. For me (beta version for Fireox) after manually add openload.co to exclusion, all embeded players than load videos from openload work quite well, added for all categories
  6. Browser extension (as the block at this thread) only can exclude domains, no IP And if ask for the program MB Antimalware, you should exclude by domain. Exclude IP will allow you access to the culprit malicious site
  7. thanks Seem than @rakka was watching this thread and since my last post here #5 (or post #6 of @exile360) he whitelisted the straming server
  8. Still blocked the straming server
  9. Sorry for the typo, As I cant edit, here the url: https://inciclopedia.xyz
  10. Is an satire site Or in fact an Wikipedia-like satire
  11. But they also block an anti right-wing radio
  12. please unlock the radio If someone at Malwarebytes understand spanish, watch this video https://www.youtube.com/embed/eeZzSFE5Qac?feature=oembed our president menaced the owner of a channel to change the editorial line and fire Roberto Navarro (the owner of the radio we are speaking here)
  13. or malwarebyts could add an exception
  14. Yes, and is what I did Of course I also want to be unlocked for other users, and if is possible, know why it was added. If well now is clear than no political motivated (by MB team) Maybe the problem is with inovanex, no the radio? If is that the case, can tell me if they have malicious files, to try contacrt them?
  15. Malwarebytes could unlock https://streamingradioplayer.inovanex.com Or just the straming of El Destape Radio https://streamingradioplayer.inovanex.com/s#/player-1#tema=5b9c050ea31df0f256e37d92&id=e32jdggnk&c=915ea9be2ec0f2d05b64bb43e1bab1f9e2beb1919ee1a678a9270c09c495730a&d=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
  16. I yet said Of course I can hear the radio when add the site to exceptions, also can hear it via Tunein app for Windows 10 or the radio's own app for android
  17. https://www.eldestapeweb.com/nota/el-destape-radio-fue-hackeado-desde-servidores-localizados-en-ee-uu--20197213240 if can read spanish, read this. And about than those ip are owned by Amazon doing a whois say: Source: whois.arin.net IP Address: Name: AT-88-Z Handle: NET-18-128-0-0-1 Registration Date: 29/06/18 Range: Org: Amazon Technologies Inc. Org Handle: AT-88-Z Address: 410 Terry Ave N. City: Seattle State/Province: WA Postal Code: 98109 Country: United States
  18. That also is why I think about Malwarebytes, as allowing the blocked url, no problems By the way I said than the DDoS attack was sponsored by our gov, as according the news where the radio owner (and its provider) clarify iti, give 2 IP from where came the attacks.... 2 Amazon servers (and no VPN or anonymous proxy) y I doubt a nood hacker can use a server owned by Amazon for a DDoS attack
  19. Except than is a Malwarebytes message Bloqueo.mp4
  20. Still block the streaming url Could be than the sources you use to block clickbait / fake news has political motivations? I admit than El Destape Radio is against our current goverment than is so right-wing, I suspect than some of the "academic" you use as source, heard that radio and disliked it
  21. I cant see Ok, now yes, after add the main page to exceptions andview source code https://streamingradioplayer.inovanex.com/s#/player-1#tema=5b9c050ea31df0f256e37d92&id=e32jdggnk&c=915ea9be2ec0f2d05b64bb43e1bab1f9e2beb1919ee1a678a9270c09c495730a&d=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
  22. Because it is Machine Learning.... no at every update, after the next or 2 more, the Machine learning will learn than the updates for your software is the same safe software
  23. the straming for www.eldestaperadio.com Go to that page and click on play button
  24. if somebody speak spanish read this: https://www.eldestapeweb.com/nota/nuevo-ataque-a-el-destape-radio-para-impedir-la-transmision-de-los-programas--20197311330 and this https://www.eldestapeweb.com/nota/el-destape-radio-fue-hackeado-desde-servidores-localizados-en-ee-uu--20197213240
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