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  1. Now than is not beta, can you reveal at least if most of those soureces are from USA? If is it, I warn you than soon or later they will force you to block left-wing sites
  2. Im not the owner, only wanted buy here Could you check it by yourself instead base your opinion on other vendors?
  3. Definiterlly is a false positive Right now, only 4 engines detect it
  4. I have not your main product, but as see at virustotal, MB main program no block it, only MBG also, by my tests, both, Firefox and Chrome MBG block it by reputation
  5. Extension say me than blocked due reputation www.continentecalzados.com At Virustotal only 6/70 detection 3 as malicious and 3 as phishing Is a shoe store from my city
  6. Chrome extension: Blocked by TLD Firefox extension no block it
  7. Seem as Malwarebytes block .biz TLD If it is the case, sites must be whitelisted case by case @rakka or @gonzo should check the site www.cast-tv.biz and, if proceed, whitelist it PD: Virustotal say the site is clear
  8. Malwarebytes was good when only blocked malware Wheb expanded to clickbait and reputation, it allow some sort of censorship, than is not the intended work of an animalware
  9. [Im not from MB staff] Possible reasons: 1 - Shared IP/server and here there are really offensive sites, or even worse, malware than use files at server's root 2 - Spread religious beliefs could be considered offensive for some of their academic sources I now add: Malwarebytes Browser Guard still block this the site now saying Malware Activity, then forgot what I said at point 1 as MBG no block by IP VirusTotal say me it is clear Then I highly suspect is censorship by some of their "academic sources"
  10. Ad Jdownloader say at their forum, replying to a thread I made after read one at Malwarebytes: Clean installer is false positive detected because 1.) it shares same code-sign certificate as the adware bundle installer 2.) it's created with same tool (nsis) 3.) uses same technique to download the actual adware free installer ->That you can see on the descriptions as "Downloader or Optional and Appwork" Both installer are clean. You can also use the adware installer and just skip/decline the additional offers https://board.jdownloader.org/showthread.php?t=81605
  11. Also at countries with low income economy like Argentina Or laptops than vendors sell with 64 bit Windows and only 2 GB RAM (at those cases we use to download/install a pirate 32 bit version)
  12. there is another way to download the extension?
  13. Depends if block is due extension or the program But also I join here to ask, why at Browser Guard there is a forum for Chrome and other for Firefox? Both use same database
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