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  1. s02.solidfilesusercontent.com blocked due trojan I upload to VT the 2 EPUBs downloaded from that URL and both files are clean
  2. I dont know why it was moved from MalwarebytesBrowser Guard for Chrome It block the site due phishing Website blocked due to phishing Website blocked: www.lassencollege.edu Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked this website because it may contain malware activity.
  3. Can explain better? Why not satisfied and why cant afford it? Free version has scans on demand (no real-time protection) and to block malicious websites can install Malwarebytes Browser Guard extension at Firefox or Chrome Ah... even the free version no interfere with online games and P2P applications
  4. Website blocked due to riskware Website blocked: brainberries.co Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked this website because it may contain malware activity.
  5. Just at programmed scans? If make an toggle option at manual scan, would be accesible for free users too
  6. When say Bloat-ware, I think too at software pre-installed by manufacturers (when you buy HP, Acer, etc) then also desktop software, not only Windows Store ones
  7. Sorry to ask here it but What is the difference between your Machine Learning and Expert Algoritm? Or EA is the updated version of your Machine Learning engine?
  8. I installed by separate Ghostery and Noscript and no problem
  9. People uses Virustotal to see if an file already detected by his/her antivirus is really a false positive or real virus, specially when download files from direct download pages "not official" but also when download for other reasons (APK of app no available legally at your country, or software than block your country) I say, your engine for VT should have same level than comercial product as "default"
  10. I did turn on TLD block for a while, and as I suspected, still block some download sites using .xyz and .info and .biz But my question is, due this option is off by default (something wanted by users), worth turn on this option and eventually report blocked sites due TLD? or even at Malwarebytes side, worth have blocked TLDs if users have that option off then no need to report blocked sites? Yes, I know this thread is somehow a continuation of the thread than made you create the option to turn on/off TLD blocks and turned off by default, but I still think the best option to was than you stop to block TLD instead put an option and turn off by dfefault. You see, since 2.2.20 nobody report sites blocked due TLD but if you turn on it, seem that lack of reports, cause nothing changes
  11. leo3487

    Delist request

    6 of then "Phishing" and 2 "Malware" (and are not at top 10 engines)
  12. Maybe translate MBG would be faster (and allow stuff concentrate at other task) if request help from community I know none of your products is open source, but it no exclude than you can request help from community (for translations) ;)
  13. Do yoou plan launch translations for MBG?
  14. Sorry to comment here but, I can correct your words? (constructive correction) Should say: "As long as the games aren't at risk for connecting to malicious IP" As Malwarebytes consider the IP as malicious due the high number of bad domains, but the game domain / game data downloaded, is not malicious
  15. In fact, for non-english users, and people than use the extension "as it comes", is an significant step forward
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