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  1. Website blocked: in fact the page where they sent me after finish the chat (maybe a poll or a page tp print the chat?)
  2. PUP or Potentially Unwanted Program Malwarebytes detecta así sus instaladores porque traen adware, que los podés no instalar, pero por defecto viene todomarcado cosa de al hacer siguiente -> siguiente -> siguiente, te instala el/los adwares
  3. http://www.hardworld.xyz For Virustotal it is a false positive https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/06c92bea70e44cc7a4d264a7e48706f05495bb982851f629d10df3724cd6866c/detection
  4. At least Unreliable content allow you click a button to continue to the site, instead trojan detection than need 2 or 3 clicks
  5. Malwarebytes extension for Firefox is blocking Wikileaks, and not by trojan
  6. Malwarebytes extension for firefox block download of Cristal Disk Info from https://osdn.net/projects/crystaldiskinfo/downloads/65980/CrystalDiskInfo7_0_4-en.exe/
  7. I understand your point. Thanks for your clarification If is that, I can return to trust MBAM
  8. Sincerelli Malwarebytes fail in their main propurse or in their bussiness I consider it a quite good antimalwarew, but this software and its company should be just it, a antimalware, not a police
  9. @exile360 as reply at a thread replied: Now I want ask, criminal content = illegal content? For who? I mean, if a political party or an org becomes "illegal" or terrorist organization for USA, MBAM will block it?
  10. I guess than Kodi is blocked for piracy Than is a subject than should not be blocked bt MBAB as ir i just for malware
  11. As OP said, it is a file-hosting For every file hosting service you will block the entire site if found a malware at one file.... or, a pirated program?
  12. If you think..... Anyway any moderator can delete this thread Today the video is unblocked. Censorship was lifted thanks to users pressure
  13. For more info about the censorship (spanish language) search at Twitter the hashtag #CensuraAElDestape
  14. Youtube recently censored a political program This video cant be watched. All because a request of our president Mauricio Macri Youtube accepted the censorship The video reveal than a cause against Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was amed with illegal and fraudulent ways and extorsion
  15. As I guess from your post, it is a post install, the program open your default browser at a page of the autors offering other programs. Completelly different than an install than offer PUPs before install And is not a Home Page hijack
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