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  1. At Opera Addons there is not Malwarebytes Browser Guard
  2. I forgot to confirm After your post, the site work ok. Can you do something than it no happen again?
  3. Just now want visit that site and again is blocked due TLD
  4. any news? Still is blocked
  5. The site is blocked due scam or TLD Website blocked due to a suspicious top level domain (TLD) Website blocked: conjoined.redwolf.ws Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked this website because it may contain scam activity. Also aa question about the link to continue but without add exception Is normal than at each internal link go to the block page and need click continue? Or is a bug?
  6. Cheats always must report, as it modify memoey at the fly, then use a virus-like behavior
  7. BG-Logs_v2.2.7_2020-07-02_45235411.rar
  8. Sorry @gonzo but attachments still blocked EDIT before post it: Seem only happen with RAR. PDF and Exel can be downloaded
  9. Still blocked downloads from the mail service of my job
  10. https://correo.vialidad.gob.ar/owa/service.svc/s/GetFileAttachment?id=AAMkADUzNDA0ZThiLWI0YTQtNDY5YS1hMzcwLTk2NmJiOTY1MDc4MQBGAAAAAAA5DaA3IKfrS7tE9fGMFkUsBwA27RwJksP6SZPMBEFgScepAAAAAAEMAAA27RwJksP6SZPMBEFgScepAAF%2Fk74NAAABEgAQAL1S1ruaxDZHgy013fLrJI4%3D&X-OWA-CANARY=vdjmBrBs7UGPV61ohMc_E_BcNp4iHdgIsrp-V6NMGvKYSjzN6ZeAbElAJS0aSmj8MYugvwuMw7Y. Now.... copied the url of the download (I allowed it then to download. URL recover from firefox downloads)
  11. I cant is private mail, then its after I login and open a mail with attachments then download a file
  12. the usual of MBG when block downdloads by suspicius file At any RAR
  13. OOPS I said Outlook.com but in fact is Office 365, then is Outlook at the site of my job vialidad.gob.ar the url for the mail service is correo.vialidad.gob.ar
  14. I cant edit, then a new post: I have an account at Outlook.com MBG no allow me downloadfiles received at my account
  15. I cant download files sent via Outlook because Malwarebytes Browser Guard block all aattachments
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