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  1. I just have a MBG block due reputation Firefox
  2. https://hosts-file.net/psh.txt cdn2.hubspot.net
  3. Well seem now is ok. At time of post the false posirive, was blocked Unfortunatelly I no remember what I was doing or from where and what link followed
  4. If well I know than the TLD is blocked, I could access to that site in the past Why now it is blocked due TLD?
  5. Download link blocked by MBG due Suspicious download The link is: https://cdn.atani.com/desktop/releases/Atani-0.1.177.exe @gonzo
  6. not blocked. Seem @gonzo did his work quite well
  7. At least for users of MBG it is bot blocked now
  8. leo3487

    pipenv pip.exe

    Your problem was solved? As say the reply box, exe files are not accepted, but zip, rar, 7z are accepted, then compress the file and attach it to your reply
  9. as a recent analisys at virustotal, only 1 engine detect it https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/416d767d296589a4643acf79abe98d388e62265e25bb98bc1bfe3f0a60d7cf59/detection
  10. When searching ebooks to download for my mother, I found s01.solidfilesusercontent.com blocked due to trojan
  11. No, but there is a page to know if your site is blocked at the last (current) database https://hosts-file.net/ at top right there is a box where you can write your domain to find if it is blocked and why
  12. As say at uninstal note, seem still is more effective root the device and use some app as Root Uninstaller, as app sttill reside at drvice
  13. I mean about pre-installed malware, as preinstalled apps only can be uninstalled if you are root
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