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  1. I've been having my clients install either the free or purchase the pro version of MalwareBytes for at least three years now. It has allowed me to salvage my clients' systems from all manner of malware, adware, and hijack-ware. I love it and will always use it as long as the product remains and I do too! I just have one minor constructive criticism - to wit, once a scan is complete and the list of malware appears (so far, my highest count has been 528), one must select each piece to remove, one-by-one. Would it not be possible to add to radio buttons on that screen that say, "Select All" and "Undo All?" When we get some high numbers, it is quite labor intensive to sit there and choose them individually. Other than that, please keep it coming. I just updated to v.2, haven't even explored it yet, but will just keep on using it. Thanks for one of the best support programs out there! SSG978
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