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  1. "Users are now allowed to suppress Scan Notifications when no threats are found" Thank you! In my opinion, this is a "big" thing 🙂 great to see it happen! It makes Malwarebytes just a bit more convenient to use. Thanks don´t forget to translate it in to german... some more german translation missing... Beside the translation - everything works fine with the new beta 🙂
  2. I created a new account, once I entered my licence key, it said: "allready registered" - I think this might be because of the e-mail I used back in the day´s...? - I don´t use this e-mail adress anymore. and I don´t get the point at using the My Account page - everything is working fine... what would be the benefit?
  3. in Malwarebytes free there is some german translations missing: this is not a god german: "jetzt Upgrade" better: "jetzt updaten" or "auf Premium updaten" and the installation programm uses more english than german sometimes ... for example: choose the Malwarebytes Browser Guard after activating Malwarebytes:
  4. Hi, today I had a strange behavior using the Malwarebytes Support Tool - I found a solution - but maybe there might be a problem that affects other users as well...? If you want to dig deper I will send you all I got. # I decided to uninstall Malwarebytes using the M.-Support-Tool and reinstall it again. During the uninstall or install I lost my licence... usally my licence get´s somwhere on the desktop at this stage, but nothing appeared... after that, I had Malwarebytes without my licence - the free version appeard I did a clean reinstall again, my licence was not there anymore... At the end, I found my licence key in my old e-mail from the year 2014 - just to let you know, that something went wrong, and maybe you want to look at it. (the "hghg.txt" is the first "mbst-clean-results.txt") mbst-clean-results.txt hghg.txt mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. Hi everyone, what about translating the Malwarebytes-Support-Tool in different languages - like german? Because sometimes it is a very usefull tool - and it would be easy to use, to have it in the language that you need it.
  6. Hi everyone, here are some german translations missing... the help-page: notifications-page: scan:
  7. Is there an easy way sending suspicious files to malwarebytes? What about a option sending quarantined files to Malwarebytes (for example right click and there is a option)? Right now in quarantined items there is just a option for "restore", "delete" ... What about a option, if Malwarebytes find´s a file using his Heuristic or AI, to verify that this file is not a false positive? What about a suspicious file i want to send to Malwarebytes without getting a new forum account (to keep it easy for people that don´t have a clou with a forum account, or don´t speak english)? My intention is, to make it just more easy for people who are not as familiar with computer like you and me,(keep) using Malwarebytes. here is still room for "submit a suspicious file" - this could lead to hompage with some easy self-explanatory option´s (without any new account) - this hompage has the same language that Malwarebytes is using - if i use Malwarebytes is german, i will get a german hompage for submitting my files keep it easy and keep it simple ... 🙂🙂
  8. Hi jboursier, the Scan with AdwCleaner 8.3.0 feels a little bit smoother and faster than before 😀 thank you for your work.
  9. Hi Malwarebytes Team, checking for updates prior to a scan takes about 11 Seconds on my computer (after the update is done, and I do another scan, Malwarebytes start´s scanning almost immediatly). What about this? instead of saying "checking for updates" once there is an update, say: "applying update". Than everyone knows what´s going on and that Malwarbytes is still alive 😄
  10. Hello :-) It happend again... today - 19.06.2021 AdwCleaner[S34].txt AdwCleaner_Debug.log
  11. Is it possible to have a import and export funktion for the Allow List? Or, deinstalling Malwarebytes - using the Malwarebytes Support Tool - you could ask to save this List to the Desktop... Reinstalling Malwarebytes makes this List go away, sad - just sad 😭
  12. After installing Version 4.4 I did ran a couple scans, noticing that the scan seems to stumpel upon a few files. At a certain point the Scan stucks for 5-6 Seconds - counting the Seconds but not the files anymore. It most often happens during the Scanning of the memory. This option makes a difference, Chosing "Manual scans take priority over other applications" leads to the above behavior. Chosing the less performance impact - the above behavior seems not to exist. Once this behavior occurs the cpu impact reduces from almost 95% to 25% - waiting this 5-6 Seconds and than the cpu impact goes up again. Right now, this happens twice during the scan. I downloaded the Malwarebytes Support-Tool and did a cleaning, rebootet and reinstalled Version 4.4 The Scan speeded up just a little bit, but it still stucks on some files for 5-6 Seconds. I did the same reinstall procedure after installing the new windows 10 Update - still, there is no change. On Version 4.3 this the scan was about 10 Seconds faster. mbst-grab-results.zip
  13. YES, today I get this: # Database: 2021-05-17.1 (Cloud) until the 16.05.2021 I got the Cloud Data from April.
  14. When I scan with AdwCleaner it uses the cloud, but the cloud database seem´s to be little old.. I did a scan today - 14.05.21 and the scan log states that the cloud data is from April. Is this expected behavior? AdwCleaner.zip mbst-grab-results.zip
  15. Hi jboursier, when I look at the scan log´s AdwCleaner is using the cloud. In the Debug log there is still a warning: Is this ok?
  16. Okay. If I encounter any problems I will let you know. Downloading the database seems to be a little faster than before - AdwCleaner´s reaction if there is nothing to download feels far more smoth. Thank´s for fixing it.
  17. Open Malwarebytes from the tray icon takes just 3 Seconds. Whatever you did (I have still the same Hard- and Software) this is a big suprise! Keep up the good work! Next week is my birthday ... thx Malwarebytes 😁
  18. In every single case, it identified the sample and quarantined it before it could launch, scoring a perfect 10 points with 100% detection. https://www.pcmag.com/reviews/malwarebytes-premium I think it might be time to say, that everyone from Malwarebytes is doing a great job. They probably always did a great job, but now, we know. 😉 Keep up the good work.
  19. it just happend... first scan´s i did today, everything was fine (with cloud), and now without... 16.04. - uploading new log files - Cloud is still not working. AdwCleaner.zip 16_04_21.zip
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