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  1. Hi, I have to say, I think MB developers need a bit of a wake-up on this. No doubt the majority of users are just not reporting it, assuming its ok, or not caring. I have taken earlier steps twice, re-installing the MB3 app, doing restarts etc etc. My current update package version is: 1.0.3871 Yet, the "Real-Time Protection turned off" message still comes back. It all works fine after the re-install etc for a few days, then m-BAM ... same problem. Some things I do that may help in recreating this ... I often Hibernate (Win 10). My internet takes a while to connect once I login for some reason - seen this in last few months. It's cable and on all the time, but when Windows logs in it can take a few minutes to get web results. A bit strange, and may be related to the issue. I mention it as testers may be missing something like that. I have now added the exclusions, can't restart now, but will soon and see if that fixes it.
  2. I'm also seeing this issue suddenly today. MB has been running fine for months, and haven't made any system changes I'm aware of ... other than MB has updated to v 3.3.1 ! It might be an idea to test updates before inflicting them on users automatically!
  3. requested admin to close this, as i requested helpdesk support as i'm paid customer. thx
  4. Got it, thx. Requested form closure for the 2 posts. Hopefully Support Desk work on weekend thx
  5. Thanks for your reply. I (assumed) I should post at Support as I purchased 2 licenses ... so I assume thats whats meant by "paid support". If not, please advise. I did that and am waiting for a reply. Thx
  6. BTW : Not sure if I needed to post these files here - as I requested help at Support Deskbecause I recently purchased 2 premium licenses.
  7. Hi, Further to my pos, attached are the scan results for the Farbar tool. I had to run it on the USB drive (as the HD is not useable) Obviously as the D drive is missing, its not showing in the addition.txt file as a drive. thx Addition.txt FRST.txt
  8. Hi, I'm new to Malwarebytes and purchased 2 licenses a few weeks ago for our two home PC's. I did that after I had an infection on my laptop - a Dell XPS, downloaded a Malwarebytes free edition which fixed it. I then decided to do a complete clean-up, so reinstalled Windows 7 using install disk to create new partitions etc. However the XPS allows dual drives, and my boot is a 90GB SSD with Win7 on, so I kept my second drive (750GB) as a data disk, but it was clear after Malwarebytes and AVG scans. After rebuilding windows and installing MBAM and my apps all seemed great. I enabled all MBAM options. However, last night on a reboot I got a blue screen, and after retrying was taken to windows recovery and guided to revert to a restore point. After that the XPS rebooted fine. Once back in windows I thought I better do a check so opened MBAM and noticed I wasn't "fully" protected anymore - something had changed the settings for live web protection and disabled it! I went into settings and re-enabled it, then ran a scan. 2 Objects were found and I was asked if I'd like them repaired. I selected yes and they were repaired, then guided to reboot. Which I did, but when I logged back in my second drive had gone! Windows is asking me to format the drive! Is there a way to recover this? I tried recovery disk but that doesn't seem to recognize anything on that drive. My boot drive (SSD) is fine though. Not looking forward to formatting my entire data drive! Please advise ASAP Thx
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