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  1. Hi, I have to say, I think MB developers need a bit of a wake-up on this. No doubt the majority of users are just not reporting it, assuming its ok, or not caring. I have taken earlier steps twice, re-installing the MB3 app, doing restarts etc etc. My current update package version is: 1.0.3871 Yet, the "Real-Time Protection turned off" message still comes back. It all works fine after the re-install etc for a few days, then m-BAM ... same problem. Some things I do that may help in recreating this ... I often Hibernate (Win 10). My internet takes a while to connect once I login for some reason - seen this in last few months. It's cable and on all the time, but when Windows logs in it can take a few minutes to get web results. A bit strange, and may be related to the issue. I mention it as testers may be missing something like that. I have now added the exclusions, can't restart now, but will soon and see if that fixes it.
  2. I'm also seeing this issue suddenly today. MB has been running fine for months, and haven't made any system changes I'm aware of ... other than MB has updated to v 3.3.1 ! It might be an idea to test updates before inflicting them on users automatically!
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