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  1. Here it is. Anything I need to do or my system should be all good now? Let me know, cheers! 04262014_135138.log
  2. Didn't find anything after scan. Win Update worked fine, it's up to date. Firewall works ok, as well with the WiFi mbar-log-2014-04-25 (23-46-06).txt system-log.txt
  3. Attached FRST and Malware logs. Tried run the Rogue Killer scan but it will just scan, scan and scan. I waited for like 20 minutes and nothing happens. It just says "Check IAT hooks" Fixlog.txt mbam-log-2014-04-25 (22-50-30).txt
  4. Done. I shut down laptop cuz I went to gym earlier and after I returned, seems I can log yahoo now, no more java problems. Do you think it got fixed ? Cuz am worried if it's safe to log on my bank account or any other important mails. I don't want them to get hacked. Let me know if it's safe Cheers! Addition.txt FRST.txt
  5. Sorry, I've uninstalled utorrent and so. Should be ok now I hope. Here is what I got
  6. Here they are! Thanks for your time, really appreciate it Addition.txt FRST.txt
  7. Just did all that and it didn't help. And the thing is, all my browsers are affected, not just mozilla. Chrome and IE also I ran a full scan with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, found 9 detections, I deleted them all, rebooted and problem still persists. I'm clueless.
  8. Sorry for double post, don't know how to edit first post. Here is pic of the place I got it from: http://postimg.org/image/nt0kj32up/
  9. Hello all, I really need help with this thing. This what happened: I needed two browsers today on my Laptop so I went ahead and downloaded Firefox. As many would do, I just typed in firefox on google and clicked first link which showed up. I never imagined google would show a virused website first. It seems I downloaded firefox from gol-apps.com and after installation it messed up my laptop. I can't sign in to yahoo anymore cuz it says my Java script is not enabled but my java is definitely enabled. Also some other pages which require java will not show anymore. I tried updating to latest java but that didn't fix my issue. I think it's the virus from the firefox installer I got which is messing it up. Is there any way I can fix what I did ? Please, I really need suggestions on what to do as I just bought this laptop and I have some important stuff on it and I don't wish to harm my laptop/informatio more. Thank you!
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