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  1. Great to hear it's not harmful and can be deleted. I will get that done and then possibly get any real issues taken care of if they exist which I believe do after I read the link provided. Thanks again for the much appreciated help and fast responses. Josh
  2. b6ea22c.zip Thanks for responding and I hope I have attached the file right. I just saw that when I pressed choose files it took me to my documents and the Default remote desktop icon and file were there. Should I run a hijackthis report and have someone look at it? The PC has gotten worse so I am thinking a more in depth look as you suggested is sounding like a good idea Thanks and I will run one just in case unless there is a better scanner to use for checking the entire PC? Josh
  3. I ran the updated version of mbam and came up with a detection of possible malware located in the C: drive Windows files. it read Malware.Generic, C:\Windows\Installer\b6ea22c.msi, Quarantined, [04fcb34dc43ca957a4f36be558a8c33d] but now explorer is crashing a lot since it has been quarantined and so I am curious if this is a known piece of malware or a fp? mal2.txt
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