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  1. Reguarding fraudulent renewal notifications scams and others, the obivious defense is maintain a recent full system image as a backup located on a peripheral device. Have any scammers developed a work around to defeat this? They would have to be able to edit the BIOS from within a Windows session, would they not? Thanks for any info. I know you are busy.
  2. Yes, as of this morning my "Version Information" reads: "Version Update package version Component package version 1.0.37859 1.0.1173 "Last updated 3/7/21 6:60 AM" Is there anywhere on the website I can read details/description of Component package 1.0.1173 ?
  3. Thanks Dave, Ok I see "Ransomeware Protection" on the "Real-Time Protection" list. But I don't remember if it was there before. Is that something that was just pushed out today?, because I got an update this morning 3/7/21 6:50AM PST which I absent mindedly loaded and so my new current version is I was not paying attention; my bad. Just curious as to the exact change.
  4. What is it called again? It's something regarding internet surfing protection I believe.
  5. Thanks Porthos. When I launched Privacy, it went directly to Settings. I see now that clicking the upper left back arrow takes me to the On/Off switch. Goal accomplished. I'm investigating how much if any extra buffering occurs with Privacy in the loop. Don't seem to be significant delay so far. New user here during my free trial, on a learning curve. Some of my financial-related services can tell that I'm accessing their websites via an unfamiliar IP address, which then requires credential checking, but i guess that is a cost of the enhanced security that Privacy provides.
  6. I don't find a way in Privacy to do this.
  7. As you can see below, Windows Security has found a problem, namely Trojan:Script/Cloxer.D!cl, which it seems incapable of handling since the Actions menu is grayed out. Malwarebytes says my system is clean. Here's what has been reported to me regarding this script: The file was an attachment in an email OE Classic has extracted and the security program has detected. The file was extracted into OE Classic temporary folder (OEClassic\Prg\T)and that folder is cleaned up every time OE Classic reloads. So if a file is deleted from there no harm will occur. You probably should delete the original email in question. Note that OE Classic doesn't automatically execute attachments, even if it extracts them. What is the intelligent way to handle this? Thanks for any info. I know you are busy.
  8. ...and I forgot to ask: Do some features of the free version time out after awhile? Just asking because it seems like some, like Website protection, do.
  9. What has been bundled with the Beta version by Box.com?
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