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  1. When the computer starts the software does not minimize to the system tray, why not? it closes but to a larger tab instead, it gets in the way. It should like your malwarebytes minimize to the system tray. Is there is a reason why it does not do this. So far since I purchased it, I have had no problems with it, no false positives etc. But from what I have read here, I know wonder if I should have purchased it at all. I am not fond of Beta software as they can and often do cause great problems which means much more work for the poor computer user. I am not into that, I delete such software and get a refund. Your software is very good, but I like others get sick of problems but I also understand you need our help to get it to work right, but when it become all work and no play, I get rid of it, you might keep that in mind. Sorry did not mean to be so long winded, but I would like it to minimize to the system tray upon startup, if it is suppose to do that anyway, tell me why it does not????
  2. I started having other problmes with it now, now it will not start with windows 8.1 x64 and tells me I am not protected. I have installed and removed and reminstalled 4 times using all your tools and in the long term has done no good at all. We all I can say to this is, Good bye Malwarebytes, it was fun, but now I am not going to try to fix your software that should work correctly to begin with and from what I see here, many others are having the same problem, such a shame. But be that as it make, it has been complete removed from my computer now.. Bye bye Ivan
  3. I also am having the very same problem with this now, before it would not update database, now it will not start with windows no matter what I do or check and it tells me I am not protected now. I do not think reinstalling or doing any of these things helps in long term, why, becuase I have completely removed it and reinstalled it 4 times now using all your tools. I am not sick of it, and shall remove it permanently until it works right. It is a shame also, good software gone bad. I use windows 8.1 x64 on a brand new computer. thank you Ivan
  4. I hope there is a better product out there than this, I really do, as now I am tired of all the updating problems, etc etc... Just my opinion but they have known of this problem for some time now, months and it is still not right. I think I am going to remove it and move on now, I have fussed with this quite long enough. Ivan
  5. Also, I do not use Firefox, I use Palemoon and so much he same but I do not like the new Firefox interface at all, so I gave it up to the ghost.... Ivan
  6. I looked up OpenCandy on the internet and it said, and evern Microsoft said that it is often used by some companies and is legitimate software and was not malware at all. Just because software says it is, does that make it so, I look up evrything. So I left it, as it said there was no real reason to remove it as it did no harm and in most cases would be reinstalled by some other software that uses it. So I left it. If it makes you feel more fomfortable I can remove it.. While I now Malwarebytes see's it as Malware, SuperAntispyware and others do not, can you explain that? It has not done any harm so far that I can find, Ivan
  7. I do know this, Malwarebytes does not like my game of Drift City at all. But I am afraid it will have to get over it...
  8. As to the other files, it tells me I can not upload those files, not allowed, maybe in zip format, let me try. Configuration.zip LOL ok that worked.... Ivan
  9. I hope this is what you want. Drives me nuts. I am about ready to get rid of it if this is not helpful. Ivan CheckResults.txt
  10. I had the very same poroblem, many do, go here and read what they told me and what to do, it worked for me..It might help you also and I think it will... https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/154540-will-not-update-have-to-fix-daily/
  11. I am glad to help where I can, but it gets very frustrating for me, I am 67 now and not in good health, do not have the patience I use to.. But I can try.
  12. ok uploaded the dump file to you, not use to doing this , was new to me.. http://we.tl/KJJa342O1a
  13. OK I used your software to totally uninstall the entire thing and I had to start over with it entirely. It reinstalled quite nicely, no problem, working as it should right now, but it did that before also. Now we will see if it corrupts again (as that seems to be a problem) and I have scanned, no virus or malware etc.. I hate to say it, being a computer tech myself, I find this all very annoying to have to go through all this for a darn computer, and I think a lot of it is windows 8.1 as I know it hangs up when shutting down and also at times prevents a reboot as I think it does not want to start preventing evrything else from starting. While annoying, it is a challenge, up to a point, if I get sick of it, I will take my looses and dump it. There simple easy , I know, you did not want to hear that... Take care, thanks for the help Ivan
  14. This is a brand new computer, I also have superantispyware in it, win patrol,and of course windows defender all updated. OK, I will go with a clean install again. I will try and see what is wrong. It never crashed and dumped, it would not update at all and turned red due to that. I have used your software for a few years now and never had this kind of problme until which time I have had windows 8.1 x64. But I am willing to try.. Thank you, Ivan
  15. Hello, I had had to uninstall your software from my windows 8.1 x64 due to the fact, daily I have had to fix it as it refuses to update. I used your fix every time net conf fix and now that does ot even work as Malwarebytes stops working in the middle of a update. I paid for the software, but that is alright, when it works right again and we stop having this kind of problem, I will put it back in, but for now, I have to leave it out as it also interferes with booting the computer. There are absolutely no error messages or anything else, it just stops working and will not update at all. Let me know when it is finally fixed, for until then, I am not using it as God knows what is wrong or how it affects a computer. Thank you anyway, Ivan
  16. I too am having the same problem and I have been a Malwarebytes user for a long long time and this is the first time this has ever happened, so I suspect there is a problem wiht the server.. I suspect we shall soon find out.
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