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  1. exile360, thanks. I will check it out and, again, appreciate the info. Best, Nat
  2. Hmm I don't recall seeing it before.. but the only "notice" I see is the one I think has been there for a long time as to why I should update as it says "Your Program version is out of date"... yet I still run xp pro and I think my V2.x program is the only one which will run on xp pro sp3. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. Perhaps it's always been there... but in my system tray I noticed a tiny red pyramid at the bottom of my blue 'M" MalwareBytes icon . Does it mean anything... like "The Russians Are Coming!" and I somehow missed it on the TV? Nat, just wondering...
  4. Actually... if I could/maybe can/etc. get V3 to not freeze up my XP... I would like to try, maybe, just once more to install it and have it not freeze up my whole system. What particular magic are you proposing?...
  5. I hope something happens, some day, at some time, with trying to install MB V3.whatever... as I tried it some months ago and it just didn't like my XP Pro SP3 even one tiny bit... and it froze up my system, until somehow (I still don't remember how I did it) I was able to "freeze" my boot-up and uninstalled V3.whatever of MBAM and went back to V2. I"m just grateful they still put out database updates for V2... and I hope, someday, they will make V3 compatible with XP. :=(
  6. FWIW, I run both Kaspersky V17.x and MBAM and my old XP Pro SP3 seems to be humming along without any problems that I can see... and the 2 programs seem to get along with each other without any fights or complaints... I'd be happy to upgrade to a later windows program... but I have so many programs installed and I haven't yet found any way to "port them all over" to a later windows program. So... if and until there's some way to upgrade my windows and still keep all my installed programs, I guess I'll have to stick with my XP Pro SP3 and hope that Kaspersky and MBAM are doing the job for me. S
  7. Thanks, just read your post. I'll probably give it a try... when I have the time and talent to deal with what I hope won't be the situation the last time I tried to upgrade to V3.x.... and it froze my xp to the point I was worried I'd never be able to use it again. Hopefully this newest version won't freeze my system as it did in the past. Again, thanks... and if I get both the time, and feel particularly brave, perhaps I'll give it a go, again. :-0
  8. Nikhil, thanks for your reply... and sorry for the delay in responding. Yes, I've been running SP3 for ages... and some day when I'm feeling either very confident, or very crazy, I'll try the MD-Clean program which I understand "cleans out" MB and Exploit and then installs your latest MB, correct? Thanks, Hesitant Nat...
  9. I'm wondering if there's any chance that your "latest and greatest" V3.x program will work any better with my XP Pro? I don't want to install it and have it completely lock up my system, like it did a couple of months ago. I would appreciate an honest answer to this. Nathaniel, still hoping your program will get along with my legacy system.....
  10. I'm still waiting to hear if there's a newer version of the program, or a fix, to be compatible with XP ?? Nat, just hoping...
  11. Well, Mr. exile360... or Samuel... I'm confused at to who is who, oh well. o First, it would be nice if... I could... " Try disabling self-protection under protection settings. If that doesn't resolve it, then try excluding Malwarebytes and Kaspersky from one another as they may be getting hung up due to their realtime protection components scanning one another during startup. " So, I thought, "Well, why not try that?" and I reinstalled Malwarebytes, which I downloaded from the site, as I thought "why not have the latest version, if there is one?" and I did, and I installed it,
  12. I'm with GMork and his reasoning and wider view of the issue. Just saying...
  13. Your problems don't surprise me. I just posted my terrible experience when trying to "upgrade" to V3.whatever from V2. At least V2 worked... and even with Anti-Exploit. The "New and Improved and Now With Greater Whitening Power and A Wonderful New Scent" version would give me long times when my system was unresponsive. I uninstalled MalwareBytes and hope they come out with one which actually works with my old, but trusty, XP Pro. Fortunately I run Kaspersky Total Security so that's probably all I need. Before, both Kaspersky and MalwareBytes snuggled up to each other and there was no prob
  14. I get this "notice" that Malwarebytes wants to download a "new, improved, and with a great new scent..." version that now included AntiExploit rolled into it... so I say, "Sure, what could go wrong..." as so far MalwareBytes has been reliable and hasn't caused me any problems. So I allow it to Install/Delete Malwarebytes and Anti-Exploit in the deal... and it reboots... and then it takes, "like forever" to boot with large amounts of "hang time" (note, not surfboard hanging... like the system seems to do nothing and the mouse won't respond, etc.) so I figure, well it just installed, so I'll reb
  15. Thanks. Sorry to take so long to thank you. I've had a lot of "stuff" happening and haven't been back for a while. Best, Nat
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