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  1. Thanks for the info. While cookies are malware per se, they are PUCs, Potentially Unwanted Crap. CCleaner takes care of them, just curious if MBAM did also.
  2. Will MBAM detect/remove Super cookies or Flash cookies? Links to definitions in the attachment, can't paste to this. Cookies.rtf
  3. IT may, I say may not be malware. I have been seeing more sites interested in my opinion too. I get the survey invites from Intel, NASCAR, and Newegg at times.
  4. Try updating again, the newest version is
  5. Thanks David for looking. At least it is doing it on its own now. Thanks for the help y'all.
  6. No auto updates for about 4 hours though. MBAM.txt
  7. I have also change the schedule to Realtime @ 15 minutes.
  8. Hi David, I have now enabled "Recover if Missed" option, Yup this PC is on 24/7 other than a quick reboot or two during the day.
  9. Also to anyone reading, I fully recommend getting the paid version if you can.
  10. I am starting to like MBAM more since I activated the Premium version, I've had the keys laying around for 3 months in case I couldn't re-activate on my new build. IT seems to act more like a full AV program with version 2. One site I visit often no longer shows popups and stupid ads.
  11. I have installed the new 1012 beta version now, will wait to see if updates work.
  12. Thanks Ron, here's an archive file with all logs you asked for. CheckResults.zip
  13. Sorry for the double image. When I clicked "Add to post" nothing seemed to happen.
  14. My MBAM Pro will only notify me of needed updates but won't do it automatically. I thought this was a benefit of having a paid version?
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