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  1. For about eleven days - Outlook: Can not open emails properly. I have to hit "reply" to get them to open up to read. I can not view attachments in the emails. I have to use my phone to look at attachments in the emails. Firefox: Can not minimize or move windows. Where they open is where they stay. I can not click on a background window and have it come forward. I have to use the images on task bar in order to move to a different window. Downloads also mostly don't happen. It doesn't behave normally. Malwarebytes: Can not move to different tabs. Frozen on one tab. I can only move to another if I play with Dreamweaver and upload a file. If I do that a couple times, I can quick like a bunny jump to MWBts and try to click a different tab. Sometimes that works - sometimes it doesn't. I do have the most recent Malwarebytes version. I haven't been able to explore it all yet because I can't get in to the different tabs. If I do get into a tab, I can't change the setting. It took me several tries, playing with Dreamweaver at the same time, to be able to click the root scan option in the defense tab. (I can't remember what it was exactly called because I am not in that tab right now and it would take a lot of time and effort to get back in there and look at it) I have also had various things - other programs - simply freeze and have to be shut down and reopened. Dreamweaver did once. I have run rkill many times - it always says that C:\Windows\SysWOW64\rundll32.exe is a problem, but it doesn't kill it. Other times it brings up additonal roots - but always that one with it I run ccleaner right after that - then run Malwarebytes. There were some PUPS that were originally, in the first day or two, found. Malwarebytes has not found anything since - but the symptoms continue without abatement and seem to be getting worse. I did use the chameleon. It didn't find anything. There was one thing with Drop box that was unusual - so I uninstalled Drop box. I was looking for something in the drop and came across a "screenshots" folder. I don't save screenshots to Drop box. I looked in there - and it is screenshots of my email, facebook, etc. I didn't take those screenshots. There were about 50 over the space of a few weeks. I think it is unrelated to the present problem because the present problem is only 11 days old. At any rate. I always save screenshots to Paint and then to a topical folder. I experimented with hitting the 'prt sc' with a finger, as if it might happen accidently while typing. Quiet a stretch. And my experiment didn't result in anything being saved to Drop box. But... that might be off topic as the screenshots were several weeks older than the current problem. Just saying on the off chance. Anyway - I am ready to use combo, I think.
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