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  1. My subscription ran out last year in December and since then I used the free version. Didn't really pay too much attention to it but apparently I am now running a free premium trial with 6 days remaining. I didn't activate anything, was it a gift by the malware bytes team or something?
  2. I see thanks. Just thought it would still be able to detect an infected file even if it's not an original and not in use by Chrome because I literally right clicked on the infected file and pressed scan and it still wouldn't detect anything. But if it is by design then I concede my point
  3. You misunderstood me. I have copied the infected Web Data file to my desktop. I ran a scan on it - it was detected. Then I removed the offending search engine in Chrome - the copied file on desktop is no longer detected. If I were to replace the clean file with infected file, the copy of the infected file would be detected again.
  4. Nope doesn't seem to be back. But the detected file that I've copied earlier is being recognized as clean even though it's actually not.
  5. I think I have figured it out. I found the search engine responsible for this PUP and removed it. As soon as I removed it, the copied infected file stops getting detected even though the only file that the deletion affected was the one in Google\Chrome\User Data If I replace the file in Google\Chrome\User Data with the infected one it becomes detected again. Bug with malware bytes?
  6. Alright this is weird. I deleted all the other search engines and it doesnt detect anything anymore. However, I have copied the infected Web Data file prior to making any changes and it was being detected just fine around 15 minutes ago but now it's not detecting anything in an infected file... edit: nvm it detects it again WTF?
  7. I've deleted bing and some other search engine (i think it was yahoo). Didn't fix my problem. PUP.MailRu is still being detected and I think the only solution is to add the file to exclusions which I dont want to do
  8. I got the same issue but slightly different PUP I think. The PUP is in the Web Data file for chrome and malware bytes can't clean it. Still trying to understand how the PUP got there in the first place as I didn't install anything lately...
  9. Same. I just reinstalled Malware Bytes and everything is fine. Did your old settings transfer to the upgraded version or not?
  10. Got a notification that a new program version was available. Clicked install, went through the installation. It asked for a reboot so I did reboot. After reboot - no sign of Malware Bytes. It's not in the program list it's basically gone. What is going on?
  11. As you can see on the picture the same folder is listed twice in normal and capital letters. After doing a second scan it showed up correctly (only 1 detection) Is this a bug?
  12. It says I have the latest signatures for some reason and the error is still going. I can't update to the latest version.
  13. So I have pretty much the same problem here as outlined in this thread from 2015 I am wondering if this ever is going to be fixed?
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