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  1. Thank you for replying !!!!!
    I waited few more days to make sure that I wasn't getting anymore BSODS as I did not installed Malwarebytes after my windows format and reinstall.. and I did not have any. Now I just installed it (mwab), activated my pro version, clicked Update and the very next second/s the BSOD appeared. I attached in this post the required files. Note that I have Malwarebytes disabled right now so that I can use my laptop. I am also using Kaspersky Internet Security (updated, licensed etc).



  2. I am behind with my work.. I spent my last 3 days reading forums and trying plenty of things...
    I used the exact same Windows 7 CD and drivers and programs I used since before formatting/reinstalling, and this time I was getting BSODs every 5-20 minutes.
    Using the Blue Screen Viewer it was revealing tcpip.sys and ntoskrnl.exe but sometimes also  mwac.sys was appearing sometimes..
    I remember few years ago I had to uninstall Malwarebytes because it was causing BSODs.. but throughout the time I reinstalled it and worked perfectly. On top of that it made me a bit paranoid always seeing from MWB, those notifications about random IP's being blocked for incoming to svchost.exe.. came here on another thread to ask for that, but what's the point anymore if I cannot use it.

    I am PPOE connection, plugging the cable straight into the laptop and I didn't installed any wifi driver because I don't need it right now. 

    and so far it seems that no more bsods happened since I reinstalled again Windows since few hours ago... just that this time I only installed Kaspersky and didn't installed Malwarebytes..
    the thing about the notifications about random IP's being blocked for incoming to svchost.exe is that I observed that they happened even when I reinstalled Windows 3 days ago when my system was supposed to be clean.. so I assume that can be safe..
    I'm so confused and I don't know what to do, because after reading more dozens of threads, I see a pattern where there are only talks and no real fixes... everybody says... update driver this, update driver that...  people talk about stuff that simply is about nothing really helpful, just keeping in a circle... so I'm not sure why I am even writing this..

    If I'd install it, and have the bsods happen.. again I will lose another full day to format and reinstall again and add drivers and updates and rearrage folders and so on..  and you guys are not obligated to reply to me asap anyway, so I can't afford to fix in during a timespan of weeks...or even days...

    I really want to use Malwarebytes, I have PRO version but what good that is for if it will start again with bsods I'm sure.. I also cannot update my Intel and Nvidia graphics up to date because if I do so, I cannot open or see any videos.. so yes I may have some drivers not so up to date but again, they are the same as the ones I used prior to my Windows re-installation, and Kaspersky+Malwarebytes were getting along very good.  Maybe is because even if I installed a the Lan ethernet driver which allows me to connect with ppoe and use the internet.. I still see in Device Manager in Other devices, there is Network Controller with question mark and it doesn't find any driver nor anything that can fix it from Asus support driver page.. and what would I need it for.. I can connect to the internet. With questiom mark there is also something called PCI Simple Communication Controller... no idea....

    I don't even know why I am creating this thread.. I am just frustrated for wasting 3 full days of my life that I'll never get back and am behind with work a lot... Please tell me what to do next step...

  3. Hello, I run Windows 7 on my computer, Kaspersky Internet Security and Malwarebytes Pro. Everything updated, at least that's what I think.
    Every now and then I keep receiving blocked attacks notification from my Malwarebytes, like inbound on Port 26388 and some random IP address. I think there are other ports not just that one.

    What is strange is that in the past 2 weeks, it happened 2 times that my Desktop icons rearranged in such a way as if my desktop resolution would be smaller by 30%, like icons from right side went somewhere in the middle~

    All my scans did show as clean, but I am really afraid this may be someone spying on my work or I don't know.

    I have no other place to ask for real help but here... So I hope that someone is willing to give a bit of his time to my concern. I'd really want to have that stopped.

  4. Thank you very much gonzo. I'm still worried tho.. Seems you haven't mentioned anything about the incoming attacks on svchost. All I can think of is that the Chinese & Russians and remote spying my computer. And when Malwarebytes says 'successfully blocked', I wonder how many times it doesn't blocks other attacks..


    @daledoc1 I find it quite unfair to be customer of Malwarebytes and PAY for it, and yet to not receive support because I don't own a license for another product . Yes I understand what is being said in your link, but maybe with some attention for my problem I would've come to the conclusion that I need a valid OS license. No need to reply daledoc1, it will only go offtopic.


    I really couldn't afford Malwarebytes from where I am, yet I bought it. More than really, I couldn't afford Kaspersky and yet I still managed to buy it. Now you're telling me to buy a valid license for Windows as well. All I wanted was a little clue about what's going on. I see it wold be similar to this http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/482888/malwarebytes-successfully-blocked-access-to-a-potentially-malicious-website/

  5. Hi, I'm new in here but I don't know where else to go.


    I bought Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO on March 10, but I'm starting to see more and more often these notifications:


    "..malwarebytes successfully blocked access to a potentially......" says Incoming... shows an IP... most of the times is svchost...


    Sometimes it was skype and all I was doing was chatting-text with my friends..  Yes, I know tht sometimes it really blocks becaus eit's doing its job... but I wonder many things tho...


    The IPs are either same or different, like sometimes it could be persistent or I don't know, but I think that someone is spying me or something... chinese, russian or I don't know, I'm so paranoid that last night I bought also the Kaspersky Internet Multi Device 2014 version (with license all updated and such) and I was feeling safer, however since Malwarebytes said it blocked avp.exe (temp or perm?) I think that Kaspersky isn't doing its proper job :\ 


    I'm using Malwarebytes pro, kaspersky '14 with license n updated - found 0 infections.. and of course.. a pirated Windows 7.


    Can someone please help me out? I also work online and I'm scared not to lose my work and other data..


    My head is so dizzy because of this.. I don't know what else to do but to come here.

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