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  1. did you google how to remove Youndoo and followed those steps shown in pics, for the first site/s displayed in there... not sure if I am allowed to link other sites in here so I won't
  2. Thank you for replying !!!!! I waited few more days to make sure that I wasn't getting anymore BSODS as I did not installed Malwarebytes after my windows format and reinstall.. and I did not have any. Now I just installed it (mwab), activated my pro version, clicked Update and the very next second/s the BSOD appeared. I attached in this post the required files. Note that I have Malwarebytes disabled right now so that I can use my laptop. I am also using Kaspersky Internet Security (updated, licensed etc). perfmon.zip SysnativeFileCollectionApp.zip
  3. I feel like I am vulnerable without malwarebytes I have paid version of Kaspersky Internt Security, up to date etc... but I feel like my computer is so exposed and unprotected..
  4. I am behind with my work.. I spent my last 3 days reading forums and trying plenty of things... I used the exact same Windows 7 CD and drivers and programs I used since before formatting/reinstalling, and this time I was getting BSODs every 5-20 minutes. Using the Blue Screen Viewer it was revealing tcpip.sys and ntoskrnl.exe but sometimes also mwac.sys was appearing sometimes.. I remember few years ago I had to uninstall Malwarebytes because it was causing BSODs.. but throughout the time I reinstalled it and worked perfectly. On top of that it made me a bit paranoid always seeing from
  5. Hello, I run Windows 7 on my computer, Kaspersky Internet Security and Malwarebytes Pro. Everything updated, at least that's what I think. Every now and then I keep receiving blocked attacks notification from my Malwarebytes, like inbound on Port 26388 and some random IP address. I think there are other ports not just that one. What is strange is that in the past 2 weeks, it happened 2 times that my Desktop icons rearranged in such a way as if my desktop resolution would be smaller by 30%, like icons from right side went somewhere in the middle~ All my scans did show as clean, but I
  6. Thank you very much gonzo. I'm still worried tho.. Seems you haven't mentioned anything about the incoming attacks on svchost. All I can think of is that the Chinese & Russians and remote spying my computer. And when Malwarebytes says 'successfully blocked', I wonder how many times it doesn't blocks other attacks.. @daledoc1 I find it quite unfair to be customer of Malwarebytes and PAY for it, and yet to not receive support because I don't own a license for another product . Yes I understand what is being said in your link, but maybe with some attention for my problem I would've come to
  7. Hi, I'm new in here but I don't know where else to go. I bought Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO on March 10, but I'm starting to see more and more often these notifications: "..malwarebytes successfully blocked access to a potentially......" says Incoming... shows an IP... most of the times is svchost... Sometimes it was skype and all I was doing was chatting-text with my friends.. Yes, I know tht sometimes it really blocks becaus eit's doing its job... but I wonder many things tho... The IPs are either same or different, like sometimes it could be persistent or I don't know, but I thin
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