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  1. As stated previously, the Farbar program was blocked by Windows Defender Smartscreen and so we will not be using it. We have already installed TWO things, Malwarebytes AND AdwCleaner and though BOTH were supposedly able to find and remove RocketTabs, NEITHER of them did. As also stated previously, our system has now gone through a restore, and the Firefox browser refreshed back to original, the problem as of this moment has been resolved on our system, RocketTabs appears to be gone. If the Farbar program has some extra function that Malwarebytes and AdwCleaner do NOT have for some reason??? Then would it not make more sense to include that in those softwares? Both of those programs allow us to save a report that we could have sent already so the reason for adding the 3rd, apparently 3rd party? Farbar seems excessive and frankly suspicious but we DID try to install it, only to have it be blocked by Defender Smartscreen. Please tell Farbar their programs apparently looks a bit too much like suspicious malware; they should consider fixing that. Our problem is resolved now, albeit by more drastic but effective means. Thank you
  2. i followed the first part of the instructions, went to the link, downloaded the Farbar program, and when i went to install it, Windows Defender Smartscreen blocked it. So we will not be using that. Gifu came and just ran a full system restore, then refreshed Firefox browser and the RocketTabs are no longer appearing. He then went and carefully reinstalled the 7 add-ons to the browser that we use restarting the browser after each install and then running a random search in Bing to make certain that the RocketTabs were not suddenly back. No new software has been installed recently that would account for getting the infection to begin with but we DID have a strange issue with Google Image Search - which we do not normally use.
  3. Hello, This morning we suddenly found the RocketTab powered by Advertise virus has taken over our browsers, Edge and Firefox. we downloaded and reinstalled the latest trial version of Malwarebytes 3.3.1, it found nothing, then we downloaded AdwCleaner and let it update.. and run.. and it ALSO fails to find the virus. We have a virus, pup, malware that Malwarebytes is supposed to find and remove but it is not finding or removing it. please help?
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