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  1. Same here, as I noticed a day or so ago the problem seems to be fixed, no "unable to access ..." message. However, Real Time Protection seems to be laggy and takes another 7-8 seconds to load after program launch. Not sure if that's related?
  2. The error message persists during update but the update process actually still occurs successfully. See my posts for detail Not sure if that's the case with free version but in my case I'm using lifetime key
  3. @exile360 Thx for useful info BTW I checked MBAM 2 on another laptop PC and the same "unable to access update server" message appears. That laptop has not been maintained for the last year or so until just recently but the DB still gets updated despite the error message. As for software's EOL, AFAIK MBAM v2 reached that long ago, but back then there wasn't an instance of the said error message while updating the DB.
  4. I'd like to share similar views on this matter, but with MBAM v2 instead. By default the program is set to check for program version updates, and I've left that on. When v3.x came out I received a pop-up message in my v2.2.1 asking me to upgrade or not. The only options are "Yes" or "Later" However, when I declined and pressed "Later," the next time I start up v2.2.1 the same pop-up prompt would appear again -- this time even after I've turned off the "check for.program version updates" under Settings. This is very annoying and the only remedy to this would be to fully uninstall, then reinstall with internet connection disabled while disabling the "check for program updates." I believe the same thing happens to v3.x as well, which is just as annoying.
  5. @1PW I will consider updating to v3.5.1 legacy version if issue (2) from my previous post has been rectified. In other words, in case of MBAM program crashes I can freely force-end the entire mbam.exe service and restart another MBAM session, just like with v2. Forgot to mention another issue with v3.x: when exiting the program from the task bar icon, there's no additional exit prompt like with v2, which can be annoying.
  6. @SerDavos I thought so, so I downloaded the Support Tool to check. But instead of generating and submitting a log I clicked "Repair" which prompted the subsequent update to v3.5.1. But you're wrong with the DB updates (see below). Upon initial impression v3.5.1 seems to run OK. However, recalling from my negative experience with earlier v3.x versions I've decided to revert to v2.2.1 instead. Issues so far with v3: 1. No DB version shown (only "up to date" status displayed even at taskbar icon level); 2. In case of MBAM crash and when I need to shut down program under Task Manager, mbam.exe process CANNOT be killed off (the process is locked somehow) and, unable to shut down the service, a new session of MBAM cannot re restarted. This is NOT the case with v2 which has saved my many days in case of MBAM v2 crashes. @1PW Compare my screencaps in this thread. Before running the Support Tool the program DB was v2019.02.23.01. Now, after trying and uninstalling v3.5.1, and reverting to v2.2.1 the program DB is v2019.02.23.02 as we speak. But the "unable to access update server" still persists and now I'm asking WHY? Also note my point (2) on why I stay away from v3. However, I have not tested this with the v3.5.1 install so I don't know.
  7. This is weird, REALLY weird...... So I uninstalled MBAM v3.5.1 completely and reinstalled v2.2.1 again (with valid license of course). The "unable to access update server" message still pops up, but the program DOES update the DB with the progress bar moving, even from the v2.2.1's bundled DB dated 2016. Now the DB version is v2019.02.23.02. (By contrast, with MBAM v3 there's no DB version being displayed, only "up to date" which is annoying) Previously, when manually updating the DB, if there are no updates on the server the program would display "no updates found" then displays the most current DB version. But now every time the same actions is performed, the program only shows "unable to access update server" and it only occurs since Feb 23...... (previously all DB updates were successful without any buggy messages like what is discussed here). To summarize, whenever I do a manual check for DB update, on instances when "no updates found": should've been displayed, MBAM now shows "unable to access update server" instead, which is misleading. However, accessing the site below shows the OK prompt: https://sirius.mwbsys.com Can someone tell me what's going on here?? Is this an MBAM server problem? Can someone investigate??
  8. @1PW I don't know what you mean. Only OK shows up upon accessing that page. (I'm using FF 50.x) BTW that was AFTER I was tricked into installing the latest MBAM version to 3.5.1 because I accidentally pressed "Repair" in the Support Tool instead of pressing "Advanced" to generate and submit the logs... That said I still want to continue using the older 2.2.1 version because it's simpler, and that I didn't have good experience with v3 when it first came out. Not sure if anything has improved in 3.5.1 (legacy version) but if I revert to v2 will I run into the "unable to access update server" issue again??
  9. @1PWI don't know what you mean. Only OK shows up... BTW that was AFTER I was tricked into installing the latest MBAM version to 3.5.1 and
  10. Still using MBAM on XP (SP3), was able to update database until today when I got the "unable to access update server" just as MBAM was trying to update it... (See attached) What exactly is going on here? Repeated attempts to update the DB have been unsuccessful. Can somebody please help??
  11. Missing Taskbar Icon: with MBAM 2.xx installed self-protection is NOT turned on Close Confirmation: with MBAM 2.xx installed there is indeed close confirmation. Not so with 3.xx Key Authentication Server: probably intermittent connection problem. So yes, after a few tries the key gets activated... Seems like some other users have this problem as well, go check those threads for details > For troubleshooting the first two and the last issue, can you please upload the logs mentioned in the thread below? > This will give us a better idea of what's going on with your machine: Sorry, have completely uninstalled v3.xx and reinstalled v 2.21.xxx Since then, system was rolled back to a certain restore point (due to other program crashes) which has no reference to v3.xx whatsoever... Sorry On separate note, I've set this thread to receive email notifications upon any other replies etc., how come I didn't receive one?
  12. Have been using MBAM since v1.75.xx and subsequently v2.2.1.xx. Have had some issues upgrading to major version but once that's been taken care of, MBAM runs perfectly without issue. Unfortunately the same cannot be said when updating from 2.2.1.xxx to 3.1.2.xx. Recently updated the MBAM database when a pop-up message prompted me to update to 3.1.2.xx. Installation froze towards the end and I had to do a manual shutdown and reboot. Eventually the update works and does its job accordingly (or so it seems), but there are these issues and bugs: a. Program takes much longer to launch: double-click icon and it would take 20-30 secs to complete. Seems that the program has much more stuff to load during startup (as opposed to 2.2.1.xxx); By contract, v2.2.1.xx starts swiftly, and that the taskbar icon almost always loads first, before the actual program dialog (thus mitigating the following issue); b. Missing taskbar icon issue: the first few times v3.1.2.xx works without problem, and that the M icon always shows up each time program is started. But subsequently the M icon is missing and fails to restore, even after system restart And when this happens, shutting down MBAMservice under Task Manager won't work, as the process is being actively blocked (ie. a big red cross shows up; not the case with 2.2.1.xxx). In other words, under such circumstances, a system restart is the only option in order to close both MBAM and its underlying service; c. When closing MBAM from the task bar icon, there's no more confirmation message ("Do you want to quit MBAM" something like that). Also the taskbar M icon does NOT show any database version any more; d. Key authentication server (or whatever is called) issue: even though my PC is online (and that the network is not down), v3.1.2 often fails to connect accordingly, resulting in error messages. During a fresh reinstall of v3.1.2 it took multiple times to activate the license key, prompting messages that the key might be bad (it's actually a genuine key in this case). This issue has never happened with v2.2.1.xxx. To summarize, I'm quite disappointed with v3.xx of MBAM (or whatever it's now renamed). Takes longer to load, and then the infamous missing taskbar icon bug. IMO for older PCs like mine (7yo desktop running on XP SP3 (x86)) MBAM v3.xx is just not a good idea.. Anyway can someone look into these issues please?
  13. Well I've had similar concerns with such updating... Old PC, running XP SP3 (X86). Had latest 2.2.1.xx installed and was working flawlessly until recently when prompted to update to 3.1.2.xx. Installation froze and eventually had to manually shut down and reboot. Eventually newer version starts up and functions, but this version has some serious issues (will discuss that in a separate thread). So I installed 3.2.1.xx and reverted to the 2.2.1.x which is far more stable and takes less time to launch.
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