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  1. In version 2.0, the user (you) must set the uodate interval. It's in SETTINGS, but in Automated Scheduling not Update Settings. It's now considered an automated task, I s'pose. Yeah, should have been in Update Settings. I've set mine for 2 hours, which seems to be working well.
  2. Is it safe to assume that Malwarebytes-on-a-stick carries its own OS? For example, assume a computer is operational (nothing is broken and I can get to SETUP), but it will NOT boot into an OS. Other utilities (such as Norton Ghost) boot from the CD under these conditions. Without a working OS, Malwarebytes can't use that computer's Internet connection. Is the procedure to update the stick using a working computer, then try to work magic on the infected one? It has only been a few years (post Pentium IV) since USB support was provided by the BIOS without the need of a working OS. Again,
  3. Interesting. I was just admiring how much faster version 2.0 is running a full threat scan than 1.75, which took HOURS. I can do a complete threat scan of the same computer in 44 minutes now. The threat scan is the most complete; there are still options for (what used to be called) quick scan and flash scan. Those are very fast. Unfortunately, those options are not easy to find on the dshboard.
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