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  1. Nathan, good afternoon. I inform you that I am installing the ANDROID STUDIO for a while. I have to wait, because the Internet service ias not working properly (se bellow...) Yu must realize that I am in Venezuela and the Internet service here is not an easy matter to try and/or work. Still, the ANDROID STUDIO SETUP WIZARD is working. But, while the Setup is running, I must ask some of your communication. You mentioned me, in bold, the following: - Plug mobile device into your PC - In the mobile device’s notifications, tap “USB for…” and select Transfer files. What do you mean by "USB for ..." is it an option on the phone? So far, ANDROID STUDIO SETUP is still running........😓😉😒 Then and only then, I will work on the commands indicated by you. Best regards..... @rllavane
  2. Dear Nathan, good morning here. I really appreciate your concern regarding the removal issue on my Android. I must tell you Nathan that I am not so novice about these matters. I have been using email since 1988 and I have seen how the Internet grew together with its users. But I am not an expert in these tasks and especially when they require some technical knowledge. So, if it is within your possibilities or within the possibilities of someone in the Forum who can help me, it is totally welcome. Simply, could you establish step by step what I should do?. And regarding that matter, let me tell you what I understand: I must install the ANDROID STUDIO on my PC. While I can procure that software on the network, is there a special rule to install it or just install it and now? I must also install GOOGLE USB DRIVERS on my PC. What drivers are these? Are they BLU drivers or Google? How do i install them? Is it a software to which one can follow instructions? Is there a link to search for those drivers? And, more importantly, what are these drivers for? Then, should I follow the instructions of the ANDROID STUDIO software? In this way, I only ask you the following: Could you give me a simple step-by-step guide to do what I should do? Everything in the understanding that I am 68 years old, I am a lawyer; But I'm not a newbie in these situations. I can follow instructions and basically, I execute them well. And I firmly believe that I can do those tasks and any other, as long as I understand what should be done. Please understand that, for you young people and experts, it is easy. But for me, it is not. But I firmly believe it is possible to do so. I will be waiting your answers and recommendations. Thank you in advance. @rllavane
  3. MAM: I do not know how to remove my name and email. I ASSUME THAT ERROR. Thanks,
  4. Dear MAM: I do really appreciate your help in sending me that article. I red it three times and I am really convinced that I do not have the expertise as to do to so. But I can try. I am simply an normal Android user who is 68 years old. Still, I can try. But I would rather wait for the experts. A step-by-step guide would work super. By the way, the Android Studio should be installed to the Smartphone, correct? Let me see if I can do so, but I am really afraid I could damage the device. Thanks my friend. rllavane
  5. Good afternoon dear friends of MalwareBites. I recently installed your excelent antimalware product in my BLUE DAHSH X2 smartphone with ANDROID 6.0. A complete analysis was executed with the following results: Three (3) critical elements or MALWARE, namely: • Android / Adware.YeMobi.a Android Communication Sync • Android / PUP.Riskware.Autoins.Fota FotaProvider • Android / PUP.Riskware.Autoins.Fota UpgradeSys After the analysis, the option to DELETE SELECTED appears, but when I do, it indicates the following warning: Disable system application Android Communication Sync is a system application and cannot be uninstalled. Disable this application manually and we will automatically add it to the white list. Skip Disable If I select another, the following warning appears: Disable system application FotaProvider is a system application and cannot be uninstalled. Disable this application manually and we will automatically add it to the white list. Skip Disable And if I select the last one, the following message appears: Disable system application UpgradeSys is a system application and cannot be uninstalled. Disable this application manually and we will automatically add it to the white list. Skip Disable The issue in this case is that I don't know if, by deactivating those applications manually and going to the white list, my Smartphone will stop working correctly, because obviously, I would be doing something wrong. In this way, I need you to guide me about it. I am not an expert in these situations: I only operate my phone and I will not try something that could damage it. But with your advice, what will be done will be done. I look forward to your observations and / or recommendations.
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