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  1. Ever since I downloded Malwarebytes 3.0, on Dec. 28, 2016 I have had a problem from the first day. I turn on my laptop and a warning comes up that my "Real time protection off" or "Wep protection off" in pop up. Then in pop up it stated "Settings" or "Turn On". Which I do. but.... when I turn it on.. it just says "Starting".. which it saying that as I write this...and it has been "starting for over 45 mins!! Why is it turning itself off and why is it NOT turning on even when I click to turn on (several times? I never had this problem with previous version. Please Help!!" I am NOT computer savvy at all. I do not know how to do a screen shot. Looked it up and every suggestion that was posted did not work. And by the way.... it now over an hour and it still reads "Starting" on Exploit Protection. Yesterday it had "starting on "Web Protection". What the.....?! As said, I did not have this problem with the previous version. This is driving me crazy!
  2. I am really going crazy.. but before I continue... I AM NOT computer savvy at all!!! I need replies in english not computer lingo. Step by simple step.. Now my problem I do not want.. repeat do not want this Malware thing to scan my computer every freaking hour! I am sick of it! I have gone into scheduling and said schedule scan 1x a week at such and such time.. and then I hit "Ok", But does it do that? NO!! Again, every hour on the hour it scans... and when I go back to scheduling..it nothing is there, meaning as though I did not schedule a scan. I AM NOT fond of 2.0. Every Time I like a program or a product.. the update comes and screws up everything... I want to go back to 1.75 pro... So PLEASE Somebody tell how to get this scan to stop..and let ME DECIDE when to scan... not the program. Thank you TracyLee55
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