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  1. I ran FRST but I'm not sure about posting all that info. Chrome will crash on occasion while booting up. Once I restart it, it seems to run fine. I have it set to run in the background so it loads on boot. Chrome will always crash if I try to print.
  2. Can't print at all in Chrome without de-selecting ROP Gadget settings. This has become so tiresome.
  3. Still getting the same warning, but only once or twice a week, and only upon booting up. Chrome tabs no longer freeze. MBAE v1.08.1.1196, Free Version.
  4. Right now Chrome is running fine with MBAE, free version .1195 and Rapport enabled once more. I noticed that Chrome updated to v50.0.2661.87 and Rapport is still at v609.47, so I'm guessing it was the Crome update that allowed Rapport to work in the browser again. I had a few instances where Google Inbox wouldn't load properly, but upon reboot, everything seems to be OK.
  5. I just noticed that Rapport isn't functioning in Chrome now. I'm not sure if this is why build 1195 is working. I think perhaps it's functioning properly because it was working prior to my updating Chrome. And Rapport always lags behind Chrome updates and usually ceases to function right after a Chrome update.
  6. Build 1195 seems to have done the trick, at least on the machine I'm on right now, (Win 10). Chrome opens without incident. Chrome has also just put out an update and MBAE works with it as well. MBAE also throws out a notification advising that it now works with Chrome each time Chrome starts. How long are we going to be subjected to this? I really don't want to turn off notifications for it.
  7. The very first time I got the ROP warning it happened after I hit settings. After that, the warnings shot up whenever Chrome opened.
  8. I was aware of the "Logs" tab, but to me, that is merely a list of events. On the settings tab, there is a checkbox to log protection events. That list shows up regardless if the checkbox is ticked. I was expecting to find a detailed log after ticking the box. Nowhere was I able to find a detailed log after ticking the "log protection events" box.
  9. I tried the update, (v1.08.1.1194) on three separate Win 10 machines and all three are experiencing the exact same issues: two ROP errors, and the memory issue. I checked the box to log protection events, but there were no logs in the MBAE folder. Where might the logs be located? I'm running the free version.
  10. I'm sure this is because the Rapport extension doesn't work in Chromium.
  11. Just installed the Chromium Browser, latest stable build, and it runs fine with default MBAE settings.
  12. Nope, after rebooting I'm having the exact same issue. All three aforementioned settings are affecting Chrome and it is still crashing.
  13. Chrome just updated but I'm having the exact same issues with MBAE blocking it.
  14. Chrome put out an update and Trusteer Rapport hasn't yet, so this may be the reason. Updating Chrome at present.
  15. There seems to be a conflict with Trusteer Rapport/Chrome/MBAE. This workaround seems to work for anyone that's tried it. There are three items in the advanced settings of MBAE that when unchecked will allow Chrome to run again normally. On the OS Bypass Protection tab in advanced settings, uncheck "Call ROP gadget detection (32 & 64 bit), and on the Advanced Memory Protection tab, uncheck Chrome Browsers. This should alleviate your problems.
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