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  1. After a lot of back and forth - I kinda gave up - in a comparison to other vendor solutions the console is still nascent in my opinion
  2. The issue is when I deploy clients it asks Client Group - though the dropdown shows me the ad OUs it doesnt let me select any OU and therefore I am forced to deploy to the default group Ungrouped Clients . Now I am unable to move from Ungrouped Clients to the AD OUs as well
  3. We are using . Unable to move computers to Ad groups . Always shows UnGrouped Clients or Standalone Groups created ..but greys out AD groups
  4. Though this post is old - there is an update past the version you are using that fixes this issue
  5. Lazz - is there a a different option to block these from being installed in the first place ?
  6. Patch was a breeze - had no issues - AD object enumeration works fine
  7. Thanks Lazz - I do have the settings as Show in list and check for removal. but did not get blocked during install. (unable to attach a grab here)
  8. We installed the trial Successfully deployed a client with Policy that has Enable Protection Module. Went about downloading some malware and installed it. We did not see MEE block anything . We ran a scan after this and MEE found quite a few of the malware that was just installed . Tried this on 2 separate installs , had the same result. Attached is quarantine data after the scan. Does MEE not stop the malware from installing itself ? Thanks
  9. I just saw a different thread that acknowledges this as a bug. https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=141362
  10. We have an eval version of MEE - when we select Add Ad OU as Group - MEE does not read all the containers in the AD. I have attached screen grabs of the two. Am I missing something in some settings ? Thanks
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