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  1. Thank You So Much For All Your Help! & For putting up with me! Got my McAfee Full Scan going now will work on the recommendations when finished! Once again Thank You!
  2. Completed all tasks Here is Fix log! Still being forcefully redirected on the Soup Io Site, But all other sites are ok, Guess Ill be having to delete my account and stay with tumblr! Fixlog.txt
  3. Again If You Find anything I shouldnt have that i missed so that I can take appropriate action! Thank You for working with me and your patience! Shortcut.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  4. By the way if you see anything Im not supposed to have please tell me so I can get rid of it! thanks
  5. My Malwarebytes keeps sticking and now quit working it never allows me to complete the threat scan!
  6. Working on it, Had a power outage yesterday evening, restarted it when it came back on, left it going at through the night , woke up to find it quit working, any ideas if it quit again, I have errands today will keep compy on for it to finish!,
  7. How do I remove the Yet Another Cleaner adware also known as YAC? I uninstalled & deleted it and The cookies in both Firefox & IE searched for ot in Appdata along with their Appstore! Still getting ads and my adblocker plus is installed & active I also have your Malwarebytes Premium installed I am also been forcibly redirected to the Who say oh snap page from my Soup IO Page when I open it! Thank You In Advance!
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