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  1. The details are the following: 1) PC possibly fully compromised 2) noticing entries in msconfig like: a) ;msconfig EGA80WOA.FON=EGA80WOA.FON ;msconfig EGA40WOA.FON=EGA40WOA.FON ;msconfig CGA80WOA.FON=CGA80WOA.FON ;msconfig CGA40WOA.FON=CGA40WOA.FON b) ;msconfig ; for 16-bit app support c) ;msconfig [driver32] d) CMCDLLNAME32=mapi32.dll e) [zktrpliAorkjhkW2] f) ;msconfig oweddpnnhgh87hjhkj17=1319105957 3) office routers have had UPD ports installed and routed back to various PC's including this one but we run no services like that. 4) cordless phones w/bluetooth have had ports assigned to them pointing back to UDP ports on this machine which I've closed 5) Android phone has VPN ports open that cannot be closed to servers in Russia and Sweden. 6) consistent emails being received with hidden HTML in white and 1pt which is revealed by "view source" giving death threats, etc., and threats to release private information publically. all malware bytes, AVG, etc., scans show no infections or malware running. Adobe 8 keeps trying to launch and ZoneAlarm blocked all but non essential programs. called friends who are ex-google hackathon winners who can't seem to find anything but keep seing live real time links being created between android phone and external servers in russia and sweden. need the following help: 1) instructions on how to produce full system dump of running programs, etc., to determine if there are any malicious programs currently running on this particular PC - I've been able to isolate all the others 2) instrucitons on how to do the same for the Android phone I'm running. Currenly using System monitor which only shows basic programs running on phone Any help greatly apprecaited!
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