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  1. A good read. More info for my database. You're one of several at this Forum who've convinced me that I have a real interest (and ability) to learn the subject matter more deeply when time permits. Thank you, David.
  2. Is there a relationship between DOR and the following MBAM, Advanced Settings options : 1) Delay Protection at start-up for xx seconds ? 2) Enable self-protection module / Enable self-protection early start ? 3) Start MBAM with Windows ?
  3. Comparing a security company to either of those entities is like pitting a MLB team against a AAA squad. Most government security is hampered by its own weight and most large companies are notorious for shortchanging their security budget. But I do get your point. On this issue, this statement has validity. I would ask then, rhetorically, why change that which has worked? It's disheartening when something like this happens and especially so when it happens to a security outfit. MB reports that no user data was compromised --- excellent. This incident, minor though it may have been, is a another reminder to each of us to stay vigilant as to where we keep our stuff. Good Evening.
  4. Since I might've furthered confusion on this issue HERE -- I didn't receive a notification about this issue from MB. An associate notified me. When Marcin says -- " ..... Invision is known for having vulnerabilities and gets exploited all the time, unfortunately we fell victim to that....." This is where I got confused. I think he's speaking there to the IP.Board software package regardless of who hosts the Forum. IP = Invision Power. He's not saying their hosting service is more vulnerable to exploits. His brief answer here implies that that's the case. With IP. Board having direct access, presumably, any discovered vulnerabilities will be immediately closed. [ MODS -- If my interpretation is correct in this post, please delete my earlier one if it adds to or creates confusion.] From what I've read, IP. Board has been exploited frequently including at security forums. Which begs a few questions. TIA
  5. I don't understand your statement. Perhaps I'm misreading it. Could you please clarify? Why were you using Invision if that's the case? And no user data has been compromised? E-mail addresses? Passwords? Nothing else? This is where I'm further confused. Were you on your own servers before recently choosing to move to Invision? Was the Forum compromised after the move to Invision? If Invision, as you stated earlier, "is known for having vulnerabilities and is exploited all the time", has MB stopped hosting with them? Is the decision on who hosts restricted by the Board software package? TIA
  6. It did come with FF 33 but should not (didn't for me with manual update) remove Silverlight. https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2013/10/30/video-interoperability-on-the-web-gets-a-boost-from-ciscos-h-264-codec/ http://www.openh264.org/
  7. EDIT to add by Shrugged -- This concerns V2.x. @SCR4514 -- This has gotten a little confusing as we're mixing discussion between manual scans (including scheduled ones) and active-protection. They differ in their reaction to detections as relates to Auto-Quarantine. 1) Manual scan as explained by, @Jekko : https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/158478-auto-quarantine/#entry889118 The salient point is -- the 40 second rule does not apply. If you choose to not Auto-Quarantine in your scheduled scan settings a detection will wait for your decision on how to handle it. 2) Active-protection as explained in the manual, Advanced Settings: The 40 second rule pertains to active-protection's detection behavior in regards to Auto-Quarantine. Active-protection is constantly (assuming it's enabled) scanning to protect your computer. If a false positive laden update happened to occur, rare though that might be, MB's active-protection module would spring into action and earn its keep. It would immediately quarantine if you had selected to Auto-Quarantine in Advanced Settings. If you had chosen to not Auto-Quarantine, you'd have 40 seconds to make a decision before the program would take that decision out of your hands. One strategy for those who worry that false positives could start quarantining system files and brick your machine -- NEVER do unattended updates. Active-protection will not likely turn on you on its own. It follows whatever the then current instructions (database) are, for better or worse. Hope this helps to clarify further.
  8. Jekko,Thank you for taking the time to get and post the answer.
  9. Thank you, Jekko, for the clarification. Are there any thoughts by MB to changing version 2.x's 40 second rule, in real-time protection, to the behavior as happens in v1.75 or even to an entirely different behavior? Anyone who happens to land on this thread via search --- read the whole thread so you can strategize accordingly.
  10. Doing away with scheduled scan might not in its entirety produce the result you desire. Auto-update should also be disabled. If you were away from your machine with active protection enabled, an auto-update containing FPs would result in the negative outcome you're trying to avoid.
  11. [OFF TOPIC] My response in this thread was posted in what I thought was a private sub-forum. I'm not back-tracking in any way from what I posted. I am asking for clarification regarding the Board's policy on this type of action. Regardless, it's good to now know that hidden ≠ private. Please forgive the intrusion. [bACK ON TOPIC]
  12. You're echoing my thoughts on this, Ff. exile360 ,explained HERE (post#7) the reasoning behind this. I'd prefer 1.75's behavior of system freeze rather than an injection of a bad update.
  13. Thank you, Jekko. Has there been any thoughts in regard to changing this behavior?
  14. I saw it in General. Whether it was a misunderstanding or not, I didn't see the original vid that instigated reaction, the way the vid creator handled this leaves a lot to be desired. If he felt it was necessary to go public, and maybe it was, he should've made his case in a more rational manner.
  15. Is do not auto-quarantine in 2.0.3 RC1 handled in the same way as in From the manual, Advanced Settings : http://www.malwareby...rt/guides/mbam/ TIA
  16. @Aya_Tachibana -- please forgive my interloping into your thread but my question might help you as well. @btmp -- On the Sandboxie site there's a 'getting started' page for the newbie. Do you know if that page, which includes a tutorial, is specific to v4.x? If it is, do you know where one can get instruction for v3.76? TIA
  17. It'd be a good idea for David, if acceptable to the Forum boss, to do a thorough explanation on the subject and pin it. Despite that in my own way I 'know' some of the material, David's explanation makes it clearer to me. I say 'know' because it's not my field -- I'm no expert. Thank you -- OP for the question and David for the answer. It was a good read.
  18. I really do appreciate it when I get calls of this nature. I once stubbed a toe in the rush to pick up before my answering machine scared one away. At the least a caller of this type has an inkling of his/her purpose, if not fully knowledgable of the overall costs. They know they're trying to fool me into giving them my stuff. There's some self-honesty in that. OTOH, because it's mid-term election time here I get numerous calls of a different nature. I've not once stubbed a toe nor tripped over Rover rushing to "interface" with one of those sharps.
  19. @mikey75777 In case you didn't know -- you can customize the Premium edition to cover any browser. From pbust FAQ: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/136424-frequently-asked-questions/#entry846350
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