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  1. Again, Firefox, thank you. I now know where to add any suggestion, if someone's not already done it. I'll check it out in the future. We're in agreement, John, and thanks for the heads up. This fits from 'your' speech :
  2. Thank you, Firefox. I've seen elsewhere that notifications of varying types will be addressed in a future release. My preference is for extensive user control with all notifications and auto anything. With that in mind, from the manual : I understand the thinking of this action, however, my preference would be if I choose to not automatically quarantine, any detected item should remain not quarantined unless and until I actively choose to do so. As an RFF -- the ability to choose via the advanced tab what, if any, action(s) to take in the case of a detected item(s).
  3. From the manual : If these conditions are true by user choice, how often do these notifications appear? Is it only on login? If I click to close those notifications, then maintain that session do they renotify at any point? From manual : If auto update and/or auto scan are disabled do any notification(s) appear? And if they do -- same questions as above.
  4. daledoc1, If there's any other questions I may ask whose answers could include links to, I don't know, maybe even other RFF threads started by you, let me know. If the concern of the staff is simplicity for the basic user, maybe an advanced tab with multiple pop up warnings like : "Hey, don't change these settings because.... Are you sure?" An active link to a helpfile within the advanced tab would be handy as well. Thanks again and goodnight. :-)
  5. Hi daledoc1, and thank you. I followed your link. We're in agreement. I'll do my best in the future to not create redundancy.
  6. In MBAM 1.75 I have the option to not be notified of a program update and to not have a program update automatically installed. I looked at the the new MBAM 2... guide and did not find this available as a user option. 1) Did I miss something from the guide (or is it not listed there) or is it indeed no longer available? 2) If no longer available, is there any possibility of future availability?
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