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  1. Unless I'm misunderstanding something or this has since been resolved -- If you highlight any desired text in a post a "Quote this" pop-up appears. Click it and the text is added to the reply box as a quote. As far as I know, there's no limit on the quantity of separate quotes which can be added to a reply box. After you've placed a quote -- click an empty space (below the previous one) in the reply box to place the next quote, otherwise you'll overwrite the previous one. It's a bit wonky --- trying to place a quote between two quotes merges with the bottom quote; sometimes even when I don't click on a reply box empty space, the quote will place properly on its own. PS: It might've been my script blocker. The blinking cursor is advancing on its own to an open space (below the previous quote) after each instance of a carved out quote. However, something to keep in mind if you're carving things out in progress to do your work -- before the next carve-out quote, be sure of the cursor position.
  2. The helpers at the MB Forum do more than provide immediate help. Whatever needs to be done (including changing or reverting the software) to further their efforts, should be done. I'm not saying efforts aren't being made. I am accentuating the importance of the contributors and their 'work-space'. Marcin Kleczynski :
  3. Thank you. All set. Yesterday I couldn't in any OS or browser. Today I can in each.
  4. I logged in as you and I'm able to turn all of them off. Try restarting your computer or maybe try another browser and let us know. Ron
  5. I'm unable to deselect e-mail notifications at these two fields in "Notification Settings" --> "Notification Lists". They're greyed out. Under General heading - "Someone comments on something I follow" and under Messenger heading - "I receive a message".
  6. As the title says. Received e-mail from a spam post that was posted at Malwarebytes Forum News. In that case, I wasn't following that sub-forum. However, I checked through my "Managed Followed Content" Settings and found that each topic I had subscribed to had e-mail checked as a notification preference. I had not chosen that. It was checked by default by the Forum Software Update. [I unchecked each instance after discovering the error.]
  7. Story is over a week old but in the chance any MB forum member is affected and hadn't heard : http://www.techrepublic.com/article/why-the-linux-mint-hack-is-an-indicator-of-a-larger-problem/ As far as the backdoor in an ISO is concerned, it appears that Mint 17.3 Cinnamon, if downloaded on 2/20/16, was the only affected edition. http://news.softpedia.com/news/linux-mint-website-hacked-users-pointed-to-download-isos-with-backdoors-in-them-500707.shtml More info from ZDNet, including an interview with the hacker. It was too easy to accomplish. (Stories on the Net allege the servers were 'protected' with a 6 character, admin passcode whose characters included MINT.) http://www.zdnet.com/article/hacker-hundreds-were-tricked-into-installing-linux-mint-backdoor/
  8. This informational guide and FAQs, at bleepingcomputer(dot)com, will give you a better understanding of CryptoWall : http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-removal/cryptowall-ransomware-information
  9. I once had, and now I often run across people that have, a misconception of what MBAM can and cannot detect. Something like, "I context scan all my downloaded DOC/PDF, fill-in-the-blank files with MBAM", etc. At some point, though it's probable it's already happened, someone will be burned by that misconception. It doesn't help that on the MBAM 'Free' webpage there's this : "Malwarebytes is certified by Westcoast Labs for antivirus, anti-spyware, and anti-trojan" Please provide a full, MBAM description on the relevant product website pages and at the MBAM sub-forum. [ In the meantime, for those who land here, expert David H. Lipman (thank you) has provided MBAM target information in these two threads : https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/158061-so-exactly-why-cant-malwarebytes-premium-replace-your-antivirus/ https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/161986-mbam-premium-v2-what-does-it-not-do/ ]
  10. Sorry for the loss. Condolences to family and friends.
  11. You caught some nice skyscape backgrounds -- the 'sky and thunder god' was with you. Thanks for the show :-)
  12. Agree with the principle -- don't update drivers without a compelling reason, ie : security or broken functionality. If your stuff is working, why risk potential instability for little to no gain? Something simple to try that worked for me : A while ago, I had a similar problem to the OP. My optical drive (hereafter, OD) would play data discs but wouldn't play CDs and DVDs. I discovered this weeks after having tried a few imaging and rip/burn softwares. I tried the usual --- lens cleaning disc, check OD driver, etc... I ended up testing with a known good, external OD plugged into a known good, USB port. I got the same results -- could play data disc, couldn't others. My guess was -- it was software related. Some association(s) had been broken in the operating system (hereafter OS) from installing and/or uninstalling the software I had tested. Any type of third party, audio/visual software can monkey with the OS's processes/child processes. I fixed it by remapping the OD. Logged in as admin : computer management >> (left panel) disc management >> (center bottom panel) scroll down to OD (labeled something like CD-ROM 0, DVD E:) >> right clicked on it and chose "change drive letter and paths.." >> in that newly opened window clicked the "change" tab >> in that newly opened window I chose an unused letter from the drop down menu to apply to my OD (for example 'E' to 'Z') >> clicked OK >> new window asks -- "Some programs that rely on drive letters might not run correctly......" clicked yes*. After doing that, I immediately redid the same steps to return the OD to its original 'E' letter. The OD worked thereafter. The OS (W7) re-established the associations. Cool... =) * Regarding the cautionary pop-up -- the OD itself doesn't store data/software, it depends upon a disc, so no worries to losing data. Remapping a storage device (HD, SSD ) is a different matter to be done with great care.
  13. I have the same offerings on two machines. Clicked the 'more information' link and the descriptions there don't indicate any W10 relationship. I've seen nothing on the net regarding same and, so far, no widespread problems with the updates. Some of these security updates are labeled as critical by MSFT -- https://technet.microsoft.com/library/security/MS15-109-- highly exploitable but with no known exploits -- https://isc.sans.edu/ (scroll down to Tuesday report). Looks to be valuable patches to apply after whatever your usual 'wait and see' time is.
  14. Just to add : I tried ABP in IE11 (I rarely use IE) and it had an impact on browser performance. Could've just been me. What did reduce ads and tracking for me without reducing performance was using IE's 'Tracking Protection List' options. You can manipulate the values to an extent within its panel and/or get additional prepackaged lists. Two of the prepackaged ones are also in ABP, Easy List Standard and Easy Privacy. MSFT site -- http://www.iegallery.com/tpl There are sites that host other lists (Malware Domains, Fanboy complete, etc..) that've been converted to IE TPL language.
  15. Congrats, dale! Well done again and again for so many. This news is blowing people away!
  16. Also, there's EULAs here : https://www.malwarebytes.org/eula/
  17. I've had several rescue dogs over the years. That 1/6 comes quickly and it's never easy. The wifey said there's vids of the pair at YT beginning from puppyhood. The 'deadlift' shows tremendous trust. The trainer's a special, young woman.
  18. I think Woody was trying to appeal for calm in what has been a storm of privacy concern reporting. Though he didn't stoop to blatantly slurring privacy advocates, he did tweak them a bit. And, omission of major elements of an issue can be a strategic tweak in, and of, itself. I don't know his full intention but, per usual, the piece is well-written and informative. The evidence of my senses tells me there's legitimate, non-paranoid, obvious reason for concern regarding privacy in the current, major market structure. It'll require more than the general push from the limited numbers who are pushing now, to effect change. OTOH, unexpected market shifts can happen relatively quickly. Are there entrepreneurs the like of, say, Bezos, who could create a mainstream, privacy oriented internet experience? Can the 'free and open source software' movement finally become mainstream? Some of the Linux distributions have become non-jarring to lifetime Windows or Mac users. I encourage everyone to take a look. IMO, the privacy issue, or non-privacy issue, is a symptom of a greater illness. Nothing new there; it's been with us from the start. [To anyone who lands here : that discussion is beyond the scope of this sub-forum and would be a violation of the Forum ToU. " A place to introduce yourself and talk about general things apart from malware, politics and religion. Please keep it clean and be respectful."] Thanks for the link, daledoc1.
  19. http://www.infoworld.com/article/2981947/microsoft-windows/the-truth-about-windows-7-and-81-spy-patches-kb-3068708-3022345-3075249-and-3080149.html?nsdr=true
  20. On machine #2 -- only difference between the two is #2 has lesser hardware resources. However, certain advanced settings, as reported in this thread, were unchecked after reboot. Clicked 'Restore defaults'. Otherwise, no problems.
  21. MBAE "free"; W7 SP1 x64; SBIE 4.2 (settings per FAQ); latest Fx and IE. No problems. MBAE upgraded over-the-top of version All settings retained before and after boot.
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