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  1. That's what I did after having a disastrous experience with v3. I soon realized the MB just isn't the program I purchased my life time license for. It's grown to complex and duplicates protections I already have licensed software for and have zero issues with. I wish that MB would produce a light version without all of the complexity or at least be able to disable it and use the parts you need. I have found something along those lines but my life time license expenditure for MB was a waste in the end as I am now paying for the new product I use. My choice of course. However, I am ever the optimist and will be checking back to see if there is anything I feel may be of use for me in the future.
  2. In other words it failed to detect the infection and now will only be resolved with a scan? Maybe.
  3. I have no intention of running any one specific program that will utilize so much of my system resources at the expense of all others. The minimal time saving of the scan is not relevant in my opinion. I have a proven full protection suite installed that uses just a fraction of resources that Malwarebytes gobbles up. If Malwarebytes is in fact protecting my system as claimed why are subsequent scans even necessary after the first scan? I mean if anything gets past Malwarebytes while it is protecting my system then it is in fact a failure.
  4. Will there be a clean removal as there is for v2.x (not just the normal uninstall as that does not remove everything as it did not for v2.x) for this next version when released?
  5. I tend to reset my important passwords on a rotating schedule of about every two weeks. Probably over kill but I feel better.
  6. CCleaner is bundled with a PUA in the form of a Google toolbar. Ironic as that may be that a cleaner includes something that needs to cleaned. Do a search for the "Slim" version of CCleaner that doesn't include the PUA.
  7. Thank you for the link. I've used VirusTotal in the past but was not aware of the uploader application.
  8. bdubrow, Thank you for your reply and confirmation.
  9. To be clear I'm asking about the Premium version with real time protection enabled. Not the free version or during scans.
  10. Has there been any change in the quarantine process in v2.1.4 over previous versions. Specifically, will Malwarebytes still quarantine what it finds automatically even if "Automatically quarantine detected items" is not selected in "Advanced settings"?
  11. I have strong feelings about a company like YAC but I would be banned from this forum for life if I expressed them. With that in mind I hope the MB legal folks do what I can't say.
  12. This is not the answer you're looking for. Just my Layman's speak. When I did a reinstall of Malwarebytes caused by a need for a System Restore I didn't add the exclusions for Eset Smart Security back, actually I forgot to. Since there was no ill effect and both were running smooth I decided to see if removing the exclusions I set up in Eset for Malwarebytes would create a problem. Having done so a month ago, maybe more, I've seen no problems, slowdowns, long scan runs, etc. Basically everything runs the same as it did with the mutual exclusions. I'm obviously not sure if the result would be the same with other security products. This and a dollar fifty will get you a bad cup of coffee.
  13. I don't have an always on connection to the Internet so running Malwarebytes at boot is not necessary. When my computer connects Malwarebytes starts and it stops when I disconnect. There are many different ways people use their computers and many different reasons why people set them up as they do. Perhaps the free version would have covered my needs, it did for many years. However, because I used the free version for so long I felt the need to pay my dues to, in a small way, encourage further development of the program.
  14. David, Thank you for your very informative post. You answered questions that I didn't have a clue how to ask.
  15. I can assure you that I am as far from lazy when it comes to the security of my computer as you are assuming that I am. I am very proactive when it comes to the security of my system. My point was that if the software is running as it should then the interaction with the UI would be limited. If it doesn't work as it should and I have to keep checking on it to be sure it's working as designed then I don't trust the software and I would be rid of it. Please read my last paragraph again, it's most important to me that Malwarebytes puts it's main priority on the operation of the program not what it looks like. I do believe that if there is an issue with the operation of Malwarebytes short of a complete crash it would let you know either through the tray icon or a pop up. If I am wrong on this someone please let me know. To each their own if you feel insecure with a particular product then check on it. I honestly do not believe that Malwarebytes would design a product with automatic scheduling of updates and scans as well as web protection if they wanted you to regularly check on it to see if it's working. If that were the case by the time you check on it and discover that it's not working as designed it's probably to late.I also doubt that Malwarebytes would be in business very long if their product was so inferior that you had to regularly check to see if the program is operating correctly.
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